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Reading and Decoding: Identifying Improved Techniques and Approaches for Helping Children Learn to Read


*****. Because reading is essential to overall academic success, one of the most serious and explosive issues in the United States today is how to meet ***** educational needs ***** an increasingly diverse population of students with a wide r*****ge of developmental *****. The situation is urgent as well, since current trends in educational achievement suggest that millions ***** students will not acquire the education necessary ***** fully participate ***** the economic ***** political aspects of society. Additionally, ***** inequality ***** results from differences in the *****al achievement of children is likely to further widen the gap between the rich and poor. Children cannot learn to read *****out an underst**********g of phonics.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (1996) points out that all children must know *****ir ABCs *****d the sounds ***** letters make in order to communicate verbally. Therefore, the question in early childhood ********** programs should not be whether to teach "phonics" or "whole language **********," but rather how ***** teach ***** in context instead ***** in isolation so that young learners make the appropriate connections *****tween letters, sounds, and meaning.

*****. The purpose of this study is to identify ***** issues, research, procedures and materials ***** are related to the recent findings on word decoding.

Structure. This study employs a critical review of the scholarly and relevant literature c*****cerning reading and decoding to determine what role, if any, the small group decoding instruction plays in ***** improvement of reading achievement for students. Determining the importance of ***** relationship has implications for how ***** effectively increase student achievement as ***** as how resources ***** allocated to achieve the best results. Given ***** current ***** gap between proficient readers ***** non-readers, the findings of this study ***** as a starting point, diminish ***** disparity and will ultimately help create more and better life-long readers. This research is significant in several ways. First, it addresses a cruci*****l issue, important not only ***** school *****, but the success of ***** public school system. It also addresses a problem that is widespread, ***** impacts most ***** America's public school students. School success seems to be an import*****t precursor to ***** ***** careers. ***** this study ***** not only success in school but throughout later life.

The need clearly exists and intervention programs in reading can greatly benef***** struggling readers in ***** country, as most of them go to public schools ***** do not rout*****ely offer such *****.

***** of the Relevant Literature

Background ***** Overview. Differences in the academic per*****mance of ***** appear early. The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NEAP) (1996) reported that students from low socio-economic backgrounds and many minority students consistently achieve below ***** national average in ***** skills. Unfortunately, there is no relief as students cont*****ue on through the grade levels. In fact, according ***** the NAEP study, the gap *****s. The longer some children stay in school, the greater


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