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Recreation - Article Review


Barringer, F., Yardley, W. (2007) Surge in Off-Roading Stirs Dust and Debate in West; The New York Times, December 30, 2007.

*****elicity Barringer and William Yardley are both writers for The ***** York ********** Ms. Barringer covers environmental issues extensively ***** Mr. ***** covers political and international matters in addition to domestic issues including ***** concerns. The intended audience of the article seems to be individuals who do not participate in the recreational use ***** all terrain vehicles (ATV) and who may not be aware that their use has grown sufficiently to become a subst*****ntial hazard ***** large regions of the country, particularly in states where ***** areas of public l***** are being *****d by recreational use of ATVs. According to the authors, ATVs are responsible for environmental damage that is disproportionate to their size because ***** the way ***** large tires dig deeply into the dirt, changing ***** landscape and natural processes like erosion, threatening the ***** habitat of wildlife, and altering the natural fauna and flow ***** streams in those areas. The authors seem to trying to convey ***** need for legislation and increased regulation and control over the appropriate use of ***** lands for recreational purposes. ***** main purpose ***** the ***** seems to be to rally support for the cause of opposing the continued unrestricted ***** use of public ***** in ways ***** have already proven responsible for what the authors descri***** as a considerable amount ***** harm to the


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