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Recreation - Article Review


Barringer, F., Yardley, W. (2007) Surge in Off-Roading Stirs Dust and Debate in West; The New York Times, December 30, 2007.

*****elicity Barringer and William Yardley are both writers for The New York Times; Ms. Barringer covers environmental issues extensively ***** Mr. ***** covers political and international matters in addition to domestic issues including environmental concerns. The intended audience of the article seems to be individuals who do not participate in the recreational use ***** all terrain vehicles (ATV) ***** who may not be aware that their use has grown sufficiently to *****come a subst*****ntial hazard ***** large regions of the country, particularly in states where large areas of public land are be*****g used by recreational use of ATVs. According to the authors, ATVs ***** responsible for environmental damage that is disproportionate to *****ir size because ***** the way ********** large tires dig deeply into the dirt, changing ***** landscape and natural processes like erosion, threatening the natural habitat of wildlife, and altering the natural fauna ***** flow ***** streams in those areas. The authors seem to trying to convey the need for legislation and increased regulation and control over the appropriate use of public l*****s for recreational purposes. ***** main purpose ***** the article ********** to be to r*****y support for the cause of opposing the continued unrestricted recreational use of public lands in ways ***** have already proven ***** ***** what the authors describe as a considerable amount ***** harm to the


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