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Recruitment, Selection, and Training of Police Officers

***** a police officer may be considered as one of the most dangerous and life- threatening occupations of today. Upon the hands of police officers is given ***** great challenge of enforcing the law and ensuring security over the community. In addition to these crucial tasks that a police *****ficer should be able to handle, their jobs also inevitably call for them to take on the role of a counselor, negotiator, diplomat, security guard, traffic controller, and even more! Aside from preventing ***** solving crime, the role of a police officer also entails direct cooperation with the activities of the communities ***** they have to dutifully serve and protect.

With all of these important tasks, it is then important to be assured of a police force that is fit to take on the ***** ***** a "hero" of ***** community- and by this, I am defining a "*****" not *****s someone with supernatural powers but someone who is dedicated to serve the people and committed to stand by his badge of honor, loyalty, and trust. ***** order to achieve such a police force, it is then imperative that police *****s be carefully recruited, selected, and trained.


The recruitment ***** a police officer ***** the first significant task of building an efficient ***** skilled police *****. In ***** to be a ***** **********, physical prowess, mental competence, psychological ********** emotional readiness, and even social skills are tested. Since pursuing a professional career on being a police officer ***** t*****king on different roles, flexibility and ***** well-roundedness of a person's character should be considered.

All ***** these aspects are equ*****y ***** weight to ensure that a police officer is sm*****rter, stronger, ***** resilient, and more skilled than all other criminals lurking around. On the other hand, ***** ***** also maintain a sense of being approachable by the civilians. In a sense, they should be feared ***** the criminals but trusted by the community. This is achieved by having a police force that represents the varied interests and ***** faces of ***** community. After all, *****ing a police officer should not be limited by one's gender, color, or social status.

Maintaining such a diverse police force is now the very situation ***** is challenging ***** different police departments all over the country. This is very essential basic*****y because a homogenous police force of for inst*****nce, white Americans do ***** necessarily gain ***** trust, respect, and ***** ***** a ***** with a heterogeneous mixture of Mexic*****ns, African *****, Asians, etc. Likewise, a ***** force that is predominantly composed of males will also have difficulty relating with the interests and problems of the females in a community.

Again, ***** goal here ***** to achieve a police force that can work *****-in-hand ***** the *****. One of ***** ways to achieve ***** is ***** have a police ***** that reflects and generally represents the same *****, values, and social circumstances that ***** community has. The police force is


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