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Reflection Paper


***** and Writing - A Review of Experience and Reflection

***** paper reflects on my experiences tutoring two 6th grade students for 10 sessions. Half needed reading comprehension help and half needed help with writing skills. Overall the experience tutoring others was positive. One ***** the *****, Jessica, was an exceptional reader, but *****d difficulty when trying to put her thoughts to paper to provide adequate ***** samples. Nathan had difficulty with both ***** and writing. The course taken introduced principles of learning that enabled me to tu*****r these students *****ly. Reading and Writing in the Content Area helps students understand why content is so important to reading and writing. ***** ***** shape a s*****ry in the mind of a reader, whereas when writing, ***** helps form ***** foundation of one's written word, whether they write an essay, a reflection p*****per, a novel or any other form of writing. At the beginning of ***** course I felt I did not need to review ***** reading ***** ***** skills because I had already been a student for a dozen ye*****rs; each year I learned I ***** to take ***** and writing courses or had to turn in papers relative to the subject I studied (like His*****ry). However, this course introduced new theories ***** writing I had not ***** ***** ***** surprised about. *****se key ***** or concepts I learned included KWLS the*****y, pre-reading strategies, and strategies for composing, drafting, revising and evaluating papers using a proper critiquing methodology.

Previous to this course ***** assumed that there were universal guidelines that govern the evaluation of writing. Now I realize this is only partly true. While *****re are guidelines that govern writing, ***** guidelines may vary from ***** to subject. They may also vary depending on the type of writing or reading one engages in. For example, a scientific p*****per would have different content than a paper written for a history cl*****ss. The writer would ***** to present in*****ation for the science paper in the ********** of brief narratives, tables and graphs to help make a po*****t. For ***** history ***** however, the writer must incorporate a thesis or main idea, and then support ***** idea with adequate content. The information ********** must also be verified; the writer can ***** verification into the body by citing authors or the research of other *****s that influenced the writer's w*****k. All guidelines should encourage *****s to engage in oral reviews, or to review ***** material ***** read or write aloud, so they better underst***** or comprehend, and better remember what it is ***** are *****. Th***** is a learn*****g strategy that helps solidify ***** is learned in the classroom with what one thinks in ***** m*****d. Far too often it seems students drift in and out of lecture; they may or ***** not pay attention. However, if ***** must read aloud, then they must pay attention; and, if they wr*****e something they then ***** aloud, they might be able to discover any


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