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Regal Marine Case Study

Supply chain management is important to Regal Marine for a number of reasons. As a developer of luxury boats, one of the means of differentiation for Regal ***** innovative features. The tight lead-times ***** new product development enable Regal to have a sust*****inable competitive advantage in *****novation. Supply chain management also allows Regal ***** to keep low inventory levels, which reduces cost. Fur*****r, because Regal Marine utilizes a multitude ***** suppliers on each ***** of its boats, supply chain management is vital to ensure timely delivery of all parts, to spec, at a reas*****able price.

Other supply chain techniques that Regal ***** might wish ***** use to improve their supply chain management are just in time *****, since reduction in inventories is considered important. Luxury boat production has sufficient lead time to allow for th*****. Another technique Regal Marine should consider is ***** undertake regular ***** chain analyses. They have a handful of preferred suppliers with whom they have developed a special relationship, but th***** leaves other relationships up ***** evaluation. ***** utilizes the discount ***** enjoy ***** their membership in the American Boat Builder's **********, ***** *****y may yet be able to find better suppliers outside of the ones who have a relationship with the ***** Builders.

Ano*****r initiative Regal Marine ***** ***** is to develop exclusive ***** with their key *****. Their current supply chain ***** gives them a competitive advantage, but exclusive contracts would give ***** a sustain***** competitive advantage. Lastly, Regal Marine should institute a system ***** inventory forecasting. Their current modular system seems demonstrates the importance of short lead times and a fear of obsolescence ***** they do not appear to engage in any serious forecast*****g of dem*****. To do so would help them gain a perspective on their needs, further reducing the need for inventories and easing ***** *****s of obsolescence.

Because supply chain management is a source ***** ***** advantage for Regal Marine, *****ir competitors can be expected to attempt to match Regal *****'s initiatives. All the advantages ***** Marine ***** - short ***** times, modular design and supplier integration into product development - can ***** duplicated by *****. In doing so, ***** will improve their operations and eliminate a strategic disadvantage. Moreover, the competitors can be expected to seek ***** exploit Regal's perceived weaknesses, for example their tying themselves to ABBA vendors.


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