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Relationships Between Fathers and Daughters

***** a parent ***** child interact when the ***** is young can have serious consequences for the child later in life as he or she grows into an adult and potentially has children of his or her own. Nowhere is t***** more obvious than in the relationship that a f*****ther has with his daughter. Daughters often look up to their fathers and when they are older they ***** for men like their ***** ***** marry. If their father is a good man, t***** is a good th*****g, but if ***** father is not a good person the daughter can end up as an adult in a bad or abusive relationship with a man because she feels as though that is 'the way it should be' because it is ***** way that her ***** treated her and her mot*****.' Obviously, this is not a ***** thing *****nd ***** continue an abusive ********** destructive cycle that would be better off broken. In the following pages, ***** wr*****er will explore the issue of father-daughter relationships and how ***** affect the daughter ***** she becomes an adult by using what o*****rs ***** said ***** written about their fathers and the relationships that they have had.

When a little girl is born to *****s that love and treasure her, she is usually treated very well and given all of the love that ***** needs ***** desires. Affluent p*****nts will also make sure that she ***** all of ***** material things that she might want, but even parents that do not have much in the way of financial resources at all can provide the love and nurturing that will take a little ***** through her *****mative years and into *****hood ***** a good sense ***** self and a strong feeling of ***** from her parents. Particularly important is the bond that ***** daughter has with her father because ***** the understanding of men and ***** that ***** gets ***** that particular relationship. A ***** that has a good f*****ther will move into adulthood with a re*****listic trust level when it comes to *****. She will know ***** ***** can be deceitful, but she will ***** be automatically afraid of them, and ***** will have her eyes open to the potential in *****m, both good ***** bad.

***** ***** this tend to hold out for a 'decent guy' who loves and cares for them the way he should as opposed to gett*****g involved with an abusive man or finding someone to 'settle for' because she thinks that she *****not do any better. One ***** the ***** that a good father instills in a daughter is a sense of worth ********** value to the opposite gender, and this can help that daughter ***** hang on to that op*****ion of herself throughout her ***** even if ***** is not al*****s treated by men in the way that she should be treated. It ***** a fact of life that not everyone is going to treat


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