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Review of Current Literature on Inclusion ***** Special Education Students in General Education Classes

The literature that is available on special educati***** students and their inclusion into general *****on classrooms dates back a long way. However, for the purpose of this paper only literature that comes from 2001 or newer will be discussed. This is due to ***** fact that perceptions ********** change and the focus here is on what has ********** happening recently when it ***** to th***** very important issue. There are several concerns ***** are involved, and there are also many good reasons ***** include special education students in ***** ***** classrooms. The pros ***** cons of the issue will be addressed here and ********** up w*****h information from the studies ***** current authors, as well as an interview that w***** conducted by the researcher regarding special education students.

***** ***** was done with Mr. Como, ********** is a third gr*****de teacher at the Camino School in Cam*****o, California. He teaches general educ*****ion, and was asked about his experiences and opinions when it comes to including special education ***** in***** the general education classroom. Although he does not have ***** education children in his classroom every year, he has had *****m ***** his classroom over the *****s that he has ********** teaching. In one case he discussed having a student in ***** cl*****ss that ***** in a wheelch*****ir and had a full-time ********** to assist him. He was some***** disheartened because this student was not really able to participate much with anything else that the class did. The level of participation that ***** student could actively engage in was the watching of videos when the class had them.

Physical therapy ***** an ongoing ***** throughout most of the day for this particular student ***** his aide and the other students were *****ten distracted by it. It seemed in general that *****. Como was unhappy ***** the inclusion idea but some of this may come from the fact that he is nearing retirement ***** not entirely interested in new and *****novative ideas. W*****ther or not this is completely accurate is simply a perception th*****t ***** gained during the interview and not anything that Mr. Como specifically stated. *****, his feeling in ***** that inclusion was not always a good option f***** students did come through qu*****e clearly. This does ***** necessarily mean, however, that inclusion is a bad choice for all ***** ***** all classrooms. Generally, it appears that *****. Como believed that ***** inclusion process depended strongly on what the special ***** child was ***** to do and whether the ********** that he or she ***** to deal with on a d*****ily basis would be distracting ***** others in the classroom (Mr. Como, personal communication, February 3, 2005)..

From the concerns that Mr. ***** expressed, it is necessary now to turn toward an *****alys***** of ***** ***** authors ***** say*****g regarding inclusion ***** special education students in the general education *****. The United States is not the


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