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Cyberschool" by Clifford Stoll

***** essay entitled "Cyberschool," written by Clifford Stoll, is an example of an extremely satirical *****d informal piece. Stoll explores the impractical aspects of extreme educational reform with the use of too much technology. H***** piece shows how these reform strategies fail to truly recognize the real issues ***** educational problems, and how these theories fall short of what they are trying ***** accomplish. The original audience would have been very familiar with ideas of solving all educational problems through extensive use of technology. ********** arguments have been increasing since the explosion ***** the internet, and so Stoll assumes his readers would ***** been familiar ***** the conversation which he enters himself into.

This essay implements aspects of both denotative and connotative language techniques. Hey speaks to ***** audience as if they are ***** with the subject, because they *****. Most likely, everyone reading this will have gone to school ***** understands ***** with modern education institutions. Many may also be familiar with recent ***** proposing changes in ***** education structure ***** incorporate technology as the major force in learn*****g. He plays on the *****' knowledge of these theories ***** a way to explore them in a neg*****tive, sarcastic light. ***** also uses connotative ***** to incorporate social perspectives on public feelings on the failures ***** educati*****. Many parents and students alike ********** that most teachers in ***** *****on systems are either unfit to be teachers, or c***** little about the actual progress of the *****. So Stoll incorporates the idea of "cy*****rshool" being an affective way of ridding this problem through the termination of ***** teachers. This is obviously meant to satirize earlier *****ories, for no one wants to see all the nation's ***** fired and "retained as data entry clerks."

***** uses a very ***** tone in h***** ess*****y, which beg*****s with a greeting tow*****rds ***** reader, "Welcome to the classroom ***** the future." This invites ***** reader ***** an informal, personal conversation; rather than a dry formal ***** which would be far less personal. He structures his work as ***** he was actually in front of his ***** speaking ***** ***** from experience. He continues the personalized tone throughout the rest of the essay with his use of "you," rather ***** a more form*****l construction of a third person essay. ***** leads the reader to believe that this ***** will explore a topic which would benefit them; but *****ly, it exposes propos*****ls for a fully computerized le*****rning methodology as much too mechanized and unpractical.

This essay is also ***** in a very ***** tone. Throughout the *****, Stoll uses language which sounds like he is a proponent ***** utilizing ***** "cyberschool," ***** ***** reader can discern that ***** is ********** really the case through his descriptions of ***** benef*****s and how he resolved issues which may arise if this system was ever implemented in classrooms. ***** expla*****s how t***** lessons can be morphed into a fun, interactive experience for the student. This


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