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The ring of haze surrounding modern cities looms ominously and the hole in the ozone layer grows, but people rarely underst***** that air pollution is within our control. The causes of air ***** are many, and save for natural contri*****ions to temporarily poor ***** quality, ***** bulk of air pollution problems are results of human technological advances. Since the Industrial Revolution, massive amounts of fossil fuels like coal ***** oil have been and continue to be consumed. The benefits of industry may indeed outweigh the detriments, but it is finally time for technology to solve its own problems. Until the past few decades, the sp*****s ***** industrialization were taken ***** granted. We can forgive our forebears for *****ir ignorance in develop*****g technologies with unforeseen consequences. Who could have known how human life would benefit by burning ***** for electricity or oil ***** au*****mobiles? However, the burning of these fuels has caused an epidemic of health ********** environmental ***** and contributed to a gener*****l degradation of ***** on earth.

Air pollution is a bro*****d term that actually refers to a gamut of familiar environmental problems. These problems include acid rain, domestically produced smoke, smog, the greenhouse effect, particulates, radionuclides, and ***** depletion of the ozone layer. By far the biggest contribut***** ***** air ***** in general is ***** burn*****g of fossil fuels, by both automobiles and factories. Power stations and road vehicles ***** boons to civilization but are also at the root of environmental and health d*****asters. Acid rain is one ***** the fallouts of ***** Industrial Revolution; before the proliferation ***** factories, the pH level of rain tended to be slightly *****ic, but rarely *****low ***** 5. ***** the ***** Revolution, sulphuric acid and nitrogen gases that evaporate ***** combine with *****borne water cause rain to have a pH level of 5 or lower. C*****rs are also the most major contributor to smog. Cities with huge transportation networks exhibit ***** highest *****s of smog, especially if the city is geographically located in a basin that traps air. Los Angeles and Mexico City are perfect examples of ***** havens. The internal combustion engine ***** have revolutionized human life, but it also pollutes it due to the number of particulates that now l*****ter our air. Particulates are the large particles suspended in the air that not only cause smog but seep into the lungs of all animals. They include ***** from smoke, diesel fuel, and dust.

Fossil ***** burning at power ***** ***** ***** an excess of carbon dioxide to be emitted ***** the environment. This not only creates acid rain but also contri*****es ***** the greenhouse effect and global warming. Chlorofluoro*****s, which are comm***** used in ***** conditioning, refrigeration, and solvents, also kindle the greenhouse *****, as does deforestation. Agriculture and w*****te disposal are also major culpr***** that b***** a*****out global warming as their by-products emit ***** *****.

***** come from processes like X-rays that emit ionizing radiation, causing severe detrimental effects on all life forms. Besides governmental regulation, steps must


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