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Rosa Lee

Of all the individuals examined in Leon Dash's Rosa Lee: a Mother and Her Family in Urban America, Patty is perhaps the most difficult case ***** terms of treatment and recovery from her drug problem. More than any o*****r single factor, Patty's environment, both in her adulthood and in her childhood, has contributed to her drug dependency. The bond between Rosa ***** and her daughter ***** so strong that it ***** resulted in them choosing similar life paths. Dash repeated relays the idea that Patty's ***** most important goal throughout her childhood was to be like her mo*****r. Rosa states, "She was just doing what she had seen me do and wanted to imitate me. She's been ***** that her whole life," (Dash 181). Patty's childhood was far ***** what most people would consider healthy, psychologically, yet rat***** than acting out in other potentially *****e aggressive ways, Patty chose to emulate her mot***** and stay as close to her as possible. Unfortunately, emulating Rosa Lee clearly led ***** other troubles—including drug abuse. From this point ***** view, it should be understood that the most essential tactic in treating an individual like Patty would ***** the complete removal from her current social environment.

In many c*****es, ***** certainly in *****'s case, the dynamics of family ***** contribute most significantly to the subject's addictive behavior: "Even though its values are largely shaped by the surrounding subculture, ***** family plays an integral role in shaping the attitudes of its members toward drug *****," (Schlaadt 12). Typically, family settings within which drug abuse is common or accepted facilitate the spread of that practice to other family members. Th***** was ***** the ***** in Patty's introduction ***** heroin. Patty was first exposed to the drug by watching her brother *****d his girlfriend while hiding in ***** closet: "After Ronnie pushed the liquid ********** his vein, she watcher her brother's worried frown change into a look of pleasure.... ***** refused to inject her that day. But, Patty told me, 'I knew then, "Well, I'm gonna try ***** one day,"'" (Dash 186). One of the major problems with being introduced to such a serious drug at a young age is that ***** pain and suffering associated with growing-up in a ***** abusing household does not simply end ***** childhood: "If these children survive, it follows *****, particularly if they ***** girls, ***** their own adulthood. For example, many of ***** girls will, themselves, resort ***** substance abuse in adulthood," (Pagliaro 94). Depression is a*****her major result ***** such a *****. Th***** effect c*****n manifest ********** in further drug use, or even in attempted suicide.

***** have indicated ***** children raised by mothers who are substance *****rs are adversely affected cognitively, as well as physically and emotionally: "Starting from infancy, Cregler ***** Mark (1986) noted that, maternal ***** ***** can adversely impact the c*****-giving environment, which, in turn, ***** have long-term negative effects on childhood cognitive development. In addition, the conflict and stress in a dysfunctional


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