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How do you save a dying church?

The Dead Church: Can It Be Turned Around?


The paper highlights the characteristics of a dead or ***** church and identifies ***** ways that it has developed into such a phenomenon. The necessity ***** a dying church is to be revived again by God's grace. ***** initial part of the literature review mainly highlights how the church can transform into a ***** church ***** where do ***** ministries and pastors go wrong. The literature ***** is then divided into: dealing with differences, leadership, planning and v*****ioning and transition into ministry. Here the focus is *****n divided onto the different elements that were d*****cussed in ***** initial part of the ***** review. A qualitative study was conducted to seek strategies that ***** prevent this problem from spreading. Personal interviews and questionnaires were utilized to gather data and analyzed. Recommendations are ***** fervent prayer and changes in the direction of leadership are implemented as solutions to this problem. We concluded by highlighting what we have already discussed and by highlighting how the church can work ***** achieve consistent and hopeful signs for the future.


***** discuss the concept ***** the dying church, it is imperative ***** first understand what a dead or dying church really means and in what ways or types it can exist in a society (D*****h, 2003). A dying church b*****sically ***** two main features or *****, these *****:

Its endless devotion ***** willing service to follow the commands and teachings of Jesus Christ without paying attention ***** the ********** own spread, infrastructure, employees, *****ganization, curriculums and **********.

The overall organizational growth and expanse of the church is not given importance and genuinely ********** not matter as long as ***** Kingdom of Jesus Chr*****t spreads ***** expands (Dash, 2003).

If one takes this particular definition into account then every church that ********** could be categorized as a dying *****. Hence the distinction is made on three different traits which are:

One of the *****s is very literal i.e. the church is dying as it is losing mem*****rship, volunteership, etc and ***** services hence wont be ***** as time goes on.

*****nother distinction is that ***** a ***** ***** on the surface seems to be growing immensely in popularity and carries out major services and events on a regular basis but is actually losing clue of its real purpose which is ***** the religi***** of Jesus Chr*****t and is ***** in ***** purpose only and not existence.

The third distinction is not dependent upon the size and popularity ***** ***** church but its pure dedication to let God guide them in all their endeavors and sacrificing whatever ***** dem*****ed off them ***** his *****. The church of this kind can ***** either small or big, but this characteristic is the only one that determines whether a church will stand the test of *****s or not (*****, 2003).

From the above definition, it can be safely stated that churches of all sizes


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