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How do you save a dying church?

***** Dead Church: Can It Be Turned Around?


The paper highlights the characteristics of a dead or ***** church and identifies ***** ways that it has developed into such a phenomenon. The necessity of ***** dying church is to be revived again by God's grace. The initial part of the literature review mainly highlights how ***** church can transform ***** a ***** church ***** where do the min*****tries and pastors go wrong. The literature review is then divided into: dealing with differences, leadership, planning and v*****ioning and transition into ministry. Here the focus is *****n ***** onto the different elements ***** were discussed in the ********** ***** of the literature review. A qualitative study was conducted to seek strategies that ***** prevent this problem from spreading. Personal interviews and questionnaires were utilized to gather data and analyzed. Recommendations are ***** fervent prayer and changes in the direction ***** leadership are implemented as solutions to this *****. We concluded by highlighting what we have already discussed and by ***** how ***** church can work ***** achieve consistent and hopeful signs for the future.


To discuss the concept of ***** dying church, it is imperative to first understand what a ***** or ***** church really means and in what ways or types ***** can exist in a society (D*****h, 2003). ***** dying church basically ***** two main features ***** *****, these are:

********** endless devotion ***** willing service to follow the commands and teachings ***** Jesus Christ without paying attention ***** ***** church's own spread, infrastructure, employees, organization, curriculums and *****lfare.

The overall organizational growth and expanse of the church is not given importance and genuinely does not matter as long as ***** Kingdom of Jesus ***** spreads and expands (Dash, 2003).

***** one takes this particular definition into account then every church that exists could be categorized as a dying church. Hence the distinction is made on three different traits which are:

One of the distinctions is very literal i.e. the church is dying ***** it is losing membership, volunteership, etc and ***** services hence wont be utilized as time goes on.

Another distinction is that ***** a ***** ***** on the surface seems to be growing immensely in popularity ***** carries out major services and events on a regular basis but is actually losing clue of its real purpose which is ***** ***** religi***** of Jesus Chr*****t ***** is ***** in its purpose only and not ex*****tence.

The third ***** is not dependent upon the size ***** ***** of ***** church but its pure dedication to let God guide them ***** all their endeavors and sacrificing *****ever ***** dem*****ed off them for his purpose. The ***** of this kind can be either small or big, but this characteristic is the only one that determines whether a church will stand the test of ********** or not (Dash, 2003).

From the above definition, it can ***** safely stated ***** churches of all sizes


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