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School Violence

Thesis Statement

School violence is the act of purposely hurting another individual. It is unacceptable, aggressive behavior that will not be tolerated in the school environment.


Th***** paper will provide ***** following information and a plan of action for combating violence in schools:


Taking action when behavior becomes violent

Plan of action ***** overcoming school violence

What schools can do

What parents can *****

What students can do



School violence has become an all too common occurrence these days, particularly among ***** who are between the ages of 12 and 24. This group faces the highest risk of being the victims ***** violence (

Every year, 3 million young people in the United States f***** victim to crimes at school. Almost 2 ***** of these incidents involve violence. Although most school violence takes the form ***** minor assaults, some episodes are far more serious. Some end in tragedy. For example, in two recent academic *****s, a total of 85 young ***** died violently in U.S. *****. Seventy-five percent ***** *****se ***** ********** firearms (W.M. Keck Foundation).

Schools across the country are trying to determine the best ways to h*****le this rash of ***** ***** has permeated schools everywhere. Educa*****rs, school boards and local officials from many agencies are trying a r*****nge of measures to insure ***** increase the level ***** ***** safety. Throughout ***** *****, plans are being made ***** try and stop the violence that is erupting in schools.

So what can be *****ne when violence ********** the norm? How can school *****, students ***** parents alter violent behavior in others? The greatest challenge is to identify the behavior in those who might be a threat and then to direct resources *****ward effective, prevention programs and strategies. ***** has to be an ongoing program that ***** supported by the various populations associated with ***** school—students, parent and school officials.

More definitively, a program needs to ***** initiated that will ***** behavior that leads ***** violence and makes recomm*****ations for counteracting potential violence within the school *****.

The Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative is one of the ***** that provide a pl*****n of action ***** dealing with what works best to reduce ***** violence. School districts are using ***** funds to help communities' design and implement comprehensive educational, mental health, social service, law enforcement, and juvenile justice services for youth. These services ***** designed to promote healthy childhood development, foster resilience, and prevent youth violence (U.S. Dept. ***** Health & Human Services).

But this is merely a beginning point. Controlling violence means involvement, on the part of students, parents and school *****. It means taking *****ice, ***** vigilant—looking for signs ***** might suggest something ***** wrong. Students are the first line ***** defense. No ***** knows more about what is going on ***** a circle of friends than the people who are involved. Knowing the warning signs of ***** can be an excellent way ***** identify someone *****se behavior is boarding on ***** ab*****al.



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