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Security Policy of a Dental Office

INTRODUCTION: Information Technology Security for XYZ's Dental Office will be achieved by implementing these controls, policies, procedures and st*****ards. This approved ***** policy reflects the rapidly changing technologies within the dental office and aims ensure that the facility is properly protected and all security objectives are met. ***** ***** policy provides clear direction ***** support for security. XYZ is the owner of this ***** and is therefore responsible for the review and enforcing of controls authorized ***** the policy.

TERMS AND DEFINITIONS: Access Privileges will be unique for each user ***** determined by ***** system administrators; Account refers to access privileges assigned to a user; E-m*****il is the electronic mail and exchange ***** information; Data Ownership is any data stored on the office's computers - it is owned by ********** office; Web Server is the web server operated by to office ***** ***** the internet and external data sources; ***** Security represents the attempt to preserve confidentiality, integrity ***** availability of data Policy Owner is XYZ who is responsible for policy maintenance and review

SYSTEM - Th***** policy covers all freestanding computers, networked computers, timesh*****d computers, servers or terminals owned, leased ***** operated by XYZ's Dental *****. This also entails ***** network or networked component that links the *****fore mentioned devices with any external network or network component including ***** peripherals, software, ***** and media associated with ***** devices; telephones, modems, fax machines, recording devices or o*****r devices f*****ming part of the office's voice network. Users cannot ***** to circumvent any system security, network security or any protection ***** resource restrictions placed on their account. The users must not attempt to capture or decode passwords or access codes, read ***** capture any data without authority or attempt to create or install ***** form of malicious ***** (for example worms, viruses, sniffers) which may affect computing or ***** equipment, software or data. User ***** not attach any unauthorised device or signal ***** the ***** or connect any equipment providing ***** access to ***** system (f***** *****, a modem) without the proper authorization.

***** - XYZ's system provide support the office's medical research, community service and administrative work and should not be used for ***** other purpose. No person will utilize the system for private purpose, including private commercial, political or religious purposes. It is acknowledged ***** there will be some use of communications for personal purposes, but this must clearly not interfere with obligations owed by the office or third parties or *****wise breach any part of this *****.

ACCESS - Access to ***** system is controlled by the formal ********** registration process and includes using unique user-ids ***** represent that ***** user can ***** linked and made responsible for ***** actions; users ***** have authorization from ***** ***** owner; ***** must sign a statement indicating ***** they have been informed ***** that they understand this policy; when in breach ***** these policies, users can be immediately removed or have their access rights amended as


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