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Security Policy of a Dental Office

INTRODUCTION: Information Technology Security for XYZ's Dental ***** will be achieved by implementing these controls, policies, procedures and st*****ards. This approved ***** policy reflects the rapidly changing technologies within the dental office and aims ensure that the facility is properly protected and all security objectives are met. This ***** policy provides clear direction and support for security. XYZ is the owner of this ***** and is there*****e responsible for the review and enforcing of controls authorized by the policy.

TERMS AND DEFINITIONS: Access Privileges will ***** unique for each user and determined by the system administrators; Account refers to access privileges assigned to a *****; E-m*****il is the electronic mail and exchange ***** in*****mation; Data Ownership is any data stored on ***** *****'s computers - it is owned by ***** office; Web Server is the web server operated by to office ***** ***** the internet and external data sources; ***** Secur*****y represents ***** attempt to preserve confidentiality, integrity ***** availability of ***** ***** Owner is XYZ who is responsible for policy maintenance and review

SYSTEM - ***** policy covers all freestanding computers, networked *****, timeshared computers, servers or terminals *****, leased or ***** by XYZ's Dental Office. This also entails any network or *****ed component that links the before mentioned devices with any external network or netw*****k component including all peripherals, software, data and media associated with ********** devices; telephones, modems, fax machines, recording devices or other devices forming part of the office's voice network. Users cannot attempt to circumvent any system security, network security or any protection or resource restrictions placed on their account. The users must not ***** to capture or decode passwords or access codes, read or capture any data without authority or attempt to create ***** inst***** any form of malicious ***** (for example worms, viruses, sniffers) which may affect computing or ***** equipment, s*****tware or data. User must not attach any unauth*****ised device or signal ***** the ***** or connect any equipment providing ***** access to the system (f***** example, a modem) without the proper *****uthorization.

***** - XYZ's system provide support the office's medical research, community service and administrative work ***** should not be used for any o*****r purpose. No person will utilize the system ***** private purpose, including private commercial, political or religious *****s. It is acknowledged ***** ********** will be some use of communications for personal purposes, but this must clearly not interfere with obligations owed by the office or third parties ***** o*****rwise breach any part of this *****.

ACCESS - Access to the system is controlled by the formal *****r registration process and includes using unique user*****ids ***** represent that ***** user can ***** linked and made responsible for ***** actions; users ***** have authorization from ***** ***** owner; ***** must sign a statement indicating ***** they ***** been informed ***** that they understand this policy; when in breach ***** these *****, users can be immediately removed or have their ***** rights amended as


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