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Self esteem and marijuana


This study attempted to investigate the relationship between self-esteem and marijuana. Participants have been divided into 2 groups. The first group of 197 students belonged to a traditional junior high school. These ***** students had been sorted after an initial survey. In the second survey, 26 students had been selected based on ***** admission of drug use on a regul*****r basis varying form 1 to 7 times per week. This second ***** was, once again, distributed at the classroom with an adolescent residential drug tre*****ment program. The students surveyed were from the demographic group within the same community. The results showed that students attending regular junior high ***** ********** admitted ***** ***** drug use rated their self esteem as *****. The ***** in a treatment center who were on probati***** for ***** use rated their ***** esteem ***** very low. ***** lack ***** consequences ***** drug us*****g behavior and the students' failure to connect as negative behaviors or feelings ***** drug use impacted ***** view of themselves. Low ***** has ***** studied and published as a precipitating factor to drug use.


***** shows that role of peers, in general, and parents in particular, along with drugs, especially Marijuana, have a significant impact on ***** ***** adolescents. Before studying the relationship between self-esteem and use of *****, it is important ***** we understand what self-esteem *****. A simple definition of self esteem can be, "The judgment that we make about our own self-worth and the feelings associated with those judgments is one example of self esteem (*****.htm)." Similarly, Robert Reasoned, president of national association for self esteem states, "high self esteem is characterized by ********** and respect for others, individuals who accept responsibility for their actions, have integrity, take pride in their accomplishments, who are self motivated, will*****g to take risks, capable of handling criticism, loving and lovable, seek the challenge and stimulation ***** worthwhile and demanding goals, and take command and control of their lives (reference is not cited in the bibliography you ***** given)."

***** Reasoner asserts, "Low self ***** is the universal common denomina*****r among literally all people suffering ***** addictions to any and all mind altering substances such as alcohol (reference ***** not cited in the ***** you have given)." Similarly, John Taylor identified signifi*****ce of low self esteem by revealing ***** adolescents suffering from ***** self-***** are 1.6 times more likely to become drug dependent by age 20. He asserts "Low self esteem is kind of the spark plug for *****-destructive *****, ***** ***** use is one of these (reference is ***** cited in the bibliography you have given)."

***** ***** shown that use ***** marijuana is consistently on the rise. For *****stance, Johns*****n, O'Malley, and Bachman (**********) reveal that, in 2004, "16 percent of 8th graders had been admitted to trying ***** and 6 ***** ***** been ***** to current *****." Also, ano*****r significant finding was ***** amongst 10th-graders, "35 percent had tried marijuana sometime in their lives, and


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