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Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome


SARS epidemic created a medical emergency and a healthcare crisis with the loss of hundreds of lives in a short span of time. The knowledge of the etiology of the disease and the genome sequence ***** the virus provided new impetus in treatment of the *****. The crisis was successfully managed through an international cooperative effort *****d today we are better prepared to handle possible future outbreaks of the epidemic.


SARS is an acute infectious respira*****ry disease ***** all the symptoms of atypical pneumonia like fever, breathlessness that caused severe casualties in a short period of time. The first *****stance ***** SARS infection ***** reported in November 2002 in the Guangdong province of china. The ***** epidemic created a panic worldover and ***** World Health Organization issued a global alert on March 12th 2003 about the rapid spread of symptoms of atypical *****. Symptoms of atypical pneumonia were reported in China ***** Hong Kong in February and ***** of ***** and SARS ***** ***** at ***** global level with 774 deaths and more than 8000 infected people. China, Taipei, Canada ***** Hong Kong suffered the most from the epidemic while sporadic ***** infections were found in many European nations and North America. Hundreds of people exhibiting ***** were quarantined and treated for ***** complications until the SARS outbreak was fully contained. In July 2003 China *****ficially announced the successful treatment of the last 12 cases of SARS. The present problem however is the early detection of the virus as the currently available diagnostic tools are either time consuming (ELISA ***** Immun*****luorescence) or highly sensitive without any conclusive detection. (PCR). A d*****cussion of the epidemiology, transmission, and the latest research results ***** treatment methods would provide a better understanding of the disease.

***** S*****RS Virus

Ever since ***** ***** of the epidemic in ***** ***** lab*****atories worldwide ***** *****volved in research to hasten the identification of the agent ***** was responsible for ***** symptoms of atypical pneumonia. The World health organization instituted a combined ***** by eleven l*****boratories on March 17th to speedup the research, as by then, the ***** was starting to take its toll. By the end ***** March *****ers in H*****g Kong managed to f*****d out traces of a novel coronavirus in the affected patients. ***** means of cell culture, electron microscopy and immuno-fluroscent antibody tests researchers in United States and Germany also confirmed the existence ***** a speci*****l type of coronavirus. Coronavirueses have the largest genome size rang*****g from 27 kb ***** 32 kb and ***** been well known to cause respiratory disorders in animals. Coronoviruses are easily transmitted ***** way of droplets, touch ***** small particulates in the air. They also have very ***** incubation periods as is ***** case with the SARS virus which has an incubation period between 2 and 7 days. On April 12th 2003 scientists working at ***** Michael Smith Genome Sciences center suces***** mapped ***** the genetic ***** of the SARS ***** making ***** for


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