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Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome


***** epidemic created a medical emergency and a healthcare crisis with the loss of hundreds of lives in a short span of time. The knowledge of the etiology of the disease ***** the genome sequence of ***** virus provided new impetus in treatment of the *****. The crisis was successfully managed through an international cooperative effort *****d today we are better prepared to handle possible future outbreaks of the epidemic.


SARS is an acute infectious respiratory d*****ease with all the symptoms of atypical pneumonia like fever, breathlessness that caused severe casualties in a short period of time. ***** first instance of SARS infection ***** reported in November 2002 ***** ***** Guangdong province of china. The ***** epidemic created a panic worldover and the World Health Organization issued a glob*****l alert on March 12th 2003 about the rapid spread of symptoms of atypical *****. Symptoms of ***** pneumonia were reported in Ch*****a ***** Hong Kong in February and March of 2003 and SARS created ***** at ***** global level with 774 deaths and more than 8000 infected people. China, Taipei, Canada ***** Hong ***** suffered the most from the epidemic while sporadic SARS infections ***** found in many European nations and North America. Hundreds of people exhibit*****g ***** were quarantined ***** treated for the complications until the SARS outbreak was fully contained. In July ***** ***** *****ficially announced ***** successful treatment of the last 12 cases of SARS. The present problem however is the early detection of the virus as the currently available diagnostic tools are ei*****r time consuming (ELISA and Immunofluorescence) or highly sensitive without any conclusive detection. (PCR). A d*****cussion of the epidemiology, transmission, ***** the latest research results and ***** methods would provide a ***** understanding of the disease.

***** SARS Virus

Ever since ***** ***** of the epidemic in February 2003 lab*****atories worldwide ***** *****volved in research to hasten ***** identification of the agent ***** was responsible ***** the symptoms of atypical pneumonia. The ***** health organization instituted a combined ***** by eleven l*****boratories on ***** 17th to speedup ***** research, as by then, the virus was starting to take its *****ll. By the end of March researchers in Hong Kong ***** to find out traces of a novel coronavirus in the affected patients. ***** means ***** cell culture, electron microscopy and immuno-fluroscent antibody tests researchers ***** United States and Germany also confirmed the existence of a speci*****l type of coronavirus. Coronavirueses have the largest genome size ranging from 27 kb to 32 ***** and ***** been well known to cause ***** disorders in animals. Coronoviruses are easily transmitted ***** way of droplets, touch and small particulates in the air. They also have very short incubation periods as is ***** case with the SARS virus which has an incubation period between 2 ***** 7 days. On April *****th ***** scientists working at ***** Michael Smith Genome Sciences center suces***** mapped out the genetic ***** of the SARS ***** making ***** for


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