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She's Your Basic L.O.L. in N.A.D.

Abstract: Written by a physici*****n who is also a writer, this article looks at the mind-bending jargon physicians use every day. She clearly shows how these nearly illegible acronyms become so common in the healthcare field th***** practitioners do not understand why nonprofessionals can***** figure *****m out immediately. Humorous and yet sad, the essay ***** jargon serves a purpose, to "remove" the p*****tient from ***** physician, ***** this is surprising.

Klass' primary writing strategy is humor, but it is a dark humor. The essay starts out lightly enough, with much of the medical jargon her ***** concerns. However, as ***** essay continues, the tone becomes darker, and it is clear Klass is concerned about the ***** and ********** dehumanizing effects. ***** utilizes less offensive jargon to open the essay, (L.O.L = Little Old Lady), for example, and then uses an anecdote with her mother ***** show how the jargon has already taken over her speech. She uses this humor to make ***** reader more receptive ***** what they are reading, but ***** to make what follows ***** shocking, for the real reason behind the jargon is not funny at all.

Klass uses definition throughout the essay because she ***** to define the sometimes undecip*****able jargon so the lay reader will understand it. For *****, "adeno-C.A." is lung *****cer, and "***** box" is to die. These are necessary definitions for an au*****nce who is not medical, ********** so would have no idea what ***** is talking *****. She ***** narration ***** the essay too, to differentiate between the definitions and the background of ***** patients, and her own reaction ***** what she ***** learning, along ***** her conclusion about why jargon exists and what she feels ***** it.

***** uses contrast quite subtly throughout her essay, just as ***** uses humor. The contrast in ***** essay is the ***** juxtaposed with the severity of many of the symptoms, and the light ***** uncaring attitude ***** interns take regarding human life. The contrast of humor, lack of empathy, and the situation of many of the patients *****s this essay much more powerful and yet still gets the point across that many young doctors seem to be totally unconcerned with their *****, and ***** patients lives.

Doctors and healthcare professionals see death every day. In the 17th paragraph, Klass vividly shows how most ***** workers deal with death and dying, ***** remove the emotional impact by dehumanizing the patient ***** jargon and acronyms that have little to do with the real life, breathing ***** ********** them. Klass vividly shows how people who deal ***** death ***** day ***** to manage it by making the ***** who die less than real, and the ***** they use turns them into meaningless "things" rather than someone's mother, father, husb*****, or wife. This may *****t be what the reader wants to know about health workers, but Klass is attempting to show ***** happens as healthcare workers turn ***** students to professionals,


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