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Short Story Analysis

***** House on Mango Street is a brief ********** apparently very simple story, told in the ********** voice of a school-girl who describes the house in which she and her family have recently moved. However, beneath its simple surface the story hides ***** important meanings about identity ***** society, and the way in ***** ***** self relates to the outer world. The text has no plot and it is, at first sight, merely a little girl's na ve report on the basic facts of her life as she understands it, of ***** ***** and her ***** especially, but, prec*****ely because ***** ***** form and the po*****t of view used, that it manages to get the message through even better.

First of all, the school girl ***** ***** new house on Mango Street which will be the new residence for herself and her rather numerous family, made up of six people. As she in*****s us, the new ***** is the first house the family h***** really owned, after having moved around ***** a long time from one rented place ***** another. She talks about the old, dilapidated buildings in ***** her ***** lived before and ***** the new house, which, although their own, is again a d*****appointment. This is how far the story goes in relating the ***** of the girl's life. The main character is of course the ***** story teller, and the tone and style are appropriate for ***** age of the narrator: the text is made up of short sentences that a child would use. The setting and ***** theme can be taken together, since the ***** ho***** and the older houses ***** the main issues around which the story revolves. It is prec*****ely through *****se elements ***** the wr*****er actually conveys her meaning, ***** since ***** mess***** could not have been directly decoded in the text by the child narrator: ***** story of the old ***** houses ***** ***** new, finally owned but still unsatisfactory house becomes relevant when we look at it through the eyes of a child who begins to be ********** of the world around her. We discover thus ***** girl's own world and reality ***** the same time that she does: ***** ramshackle *****s speak of the poverty ***** her family, and consequently of ***** place in society. The central theme ***** the story is t*****efore identity or self- awareness in the social world, ***** more specifically, the interplay between the personal and the public space, or the ***** occupied by ***** others which is indicated in the ***** through the opposition ***** the rented and the possessed houses.

The story starts out in a simple way, by stating that the family hasn't always resided on Mango Street and the girl enumerates ***** ********** ***** remembers having lived in:

***** didn't ***** live on Mango Street. Before ***** we ***** ***** Loomis on the third floor, and ***** that we lived on Keeler. Before that it was Paulina, and before


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