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***** movie Sicko (Michael Moore, 2007) is a documentary about the health care system in the Untied States and how it is fail*****g the people who need it most. There is no surprise in that simple statement, for most ***** already see the health care system as in ***** of reform, ***** efforts to do so have been offered for some time, though not developed enough to make people believe that the reform can be achieved. Moore thus plays off an ***** existing concern about high costs, poor insurance coverage, discrimination on the b*****is of economic status, and medical decisions being made not by doctors but by insurers more interested in sav*****g money than in good health care. The film is shaped around ***** ********** of the filmmaker and ***** anecdotal evidence from ***** who hade been mistreated by ***** system, or at least ***** believe they have been. *****re are a number of reasons to accept wh***** is said in the film, and some ***** ***** to accept all ***** is said ***** the *****.

***** many of the people interviewed, there is evidence that they ***** telling the truth and that ***** have been mistreated, usually ***** being denied procedures not for ***** reasons but because an insurance company bureaucrat makes a ruling that is apparently based only on money and not on sound medical advice. The way m*****ey ***** a role ***** m*****de most apparent in the story ***** the man who had to decide which finger ***** ***** reattached ***** on cost. Medical science has made great advances, but too often whe*****r those advances are used at all is not based *****ly on the need ***** on ability to pay. Insurance ***** l*****g been offered as the way to assure that when a crisis occurs and a procedure is *****ed, ***** will be a way ***** pay for it. What ***** seen too ***** is ***** the insurance ***** wants to limit payments for ***** who need *****m. ***** supposed ideal is that all ***** pay in***** a pool by buying insurance, and those in need take ***** that ***** when they need to do so. The pool remains viable because ***** people ***** not need to take advantage of it, while they are paying to be able to take ***** of it ***** ***** need ***** do so. ***** companies have *****come huge corporations w*****h stockholders who have to be served. Insurance companies pretend that they exist only to serve their customers, but in fact they more ***** more ***** their stockholders and ***** their *****. Other stories of denial of service ***** much the same aura in this film.

At the same time, *****re is *****me reason to question these anecdotal tales not because they may ***** be true but because there is no certa*****ty that ***** are really representative or that they may be ***** specific cases that might be *****lied by a m*****e in-depth examination of the ***** as a whole.


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