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Social networking

Benefits and Dangers of Social Networking

In the modern world ***** use of Internet is inevitable. It allows communication people to people, business to business all around the world. Social ***** websites occupy ***** important role in the life of common *****. There are millions ***** people using these sites every day. The numbers are increasing *****-by-day and it has become almost the routine activity for many people. MySpace is one of social networking ***** that ***** like ***** ***** a lot. It is online community that ********** friends to keep in touch ***** meet new people as well. It ***** also shar*****g their interested, activities. By creating ***** pr*****ile, they attract other to view their likes and dislikes. Anyone who is at le*****t fourteen years old can sign up ***** MySpace account at no cost. When people sign *****, they can customize ***** profile by adding information about themselves, l*****ting interesting, hobbies and education background ***** uploading photos of themselves and their friend. They can ***** create their own blog for other to read. ***** networking and ***** have advantage as well as disadvantages.

***** networking websites are beneficiary in several ways. The main function ***** social networking websites is ***** make relationships with ***** who have identical thinking. Many of these websites allow their users to chat with their friends and distant relatives free ***** cost. Even, some of them offer calls ***** low cost or ***** of cost. Just having a low-speed internet connection can make these notable advantages possible. F***** example, people can communicate ***** their loved ones and stay in touch with them on a regular basis with no time limit.

They don't need to pay for ***** if both sides have the internet connection. *****or example, my cousins married with a man who met through this website and *****y have been lived together for f*****teen *****, they have four kids. They travel everywhere in The United States ***** different countries. I admire them a lot because they were very happy family. Furthermore, a*****ther of my cous*****s found a perfect job by accessing such ***** social networking website after his graduation. Without social networking, people have to pay a lot for ***** communic*****tion to these *****, they don't have the chance to find a great job and ***** cannot find the good husband like my cousin.

***** social networking websites are benefit for business which is having a broad network in their marketing circle. These networking sites make their tasks easier and reduce ***** communication expenses definitely; ***** companies can communicate ***** their branches and clients all over the world. For *****, my brother needs to represents a new product for the company. He doesn't need to ***** ***** a different city to do a representation, but he used a ***** ***** connect with the ***** to represent for his product that he designs it. One year later, *****se products sold on the market ***** it made a profit ***** ***** company in


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