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Corporations are consistently seeking ways to improve their overall organizational performance and consumer's perceptions of ***** quality service and innovativeness. Over the last several years, ***** matrix structure of management, where an employee has a direct report manager but also is influenced and heavily directed (and sometimes funded) by another manager/organization has become a major organizational trend. Matrix ***** is rapidly becoming popularized and adopted by corporations ***** solutions ***** budgetary, manpower and productivity *****sues.

To the individual a matrix management type of strategy presents the challenges of serving two masters. To managers, it presents challenges in directing ***** behavior of employee's that do not report directly to them and that they cannot directly reprim***** or fire. For ***** teams, members also often struggle w*****h varying agendas and incentive plans, thus management is faced with a challenge when attempting to coalesce the team. Power *****s and employee conflicts have plagued many organizations that have sought out matrices and incorporated this system as an integral part of daily functioning.

Thus, ***** problem that managers ***** faced with is determining whether the faults ***** a matrix management style outweigh the benefits. The aim of this research study is ***** examine ***** nature of the matrix ***** of management and ***** problems inherent in it, in order to attempt to propose a better solution or organizational paradigm for management success.

***** preliminary research review suggests that inherent in any matrix management ***** is the potential for inter-group conflict; thus th***** paper will also seek to determine whether or not solutions ***** this negative *****pect of matrix ***** can be determined.


***** management styles, much like other management programs including total quality improvement (TQM) and customer relations management (CRM) is rapidly ********** an increasingly popular style of management. Its potential for success and failure are explored in greater depth below.

Hayden, Kaya and Wood (2002) suggest a model similar to the matrix style of ***** that may actually prove beneficial to *****. Called the 'power bloc' *****ory, Hayden, Kaya and Wood ***** that the boards or management ***** ***** ***** different corporations can effectively coordinate ***** and dec*****ions "***** interlocking directors through toe boards of two other *****." The idea is that by ne*****rking firms can build density and extend their influence and power.

Similarly, ********** any given organization, ***** used beneficially, more than one manager or director can oversee the operations of a single group of employees in ***** to f*****cilitate ***** productivity and *****. However, when dealing with employee behaviors and attitudes, having more than one manger to report to can ***** prove challenging and cumbersome, particularly when substantial thought is not put in***** the process of defining each manager's roles and functions.

Burns (1989) conducted a study of 315 hospitals utilizing matrix management programs ***** years ago. His study verifies ***** matrix ***** "involves several distinctive elements" that can be used to develop lateral coordinative devices within an organization. When first


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