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Social Sciences

Why are the social sciences governed by a system of rules? Why is methodology and application important in our pursuit to understand human behavior? How can statistics help to expla***** social facts? Does common sense play a factor in exploring human beings? Explain.

Like the natural sciences, the social sciences also attempt to ********** real, measurable ***** in ***** world. Even though human behavior may be more difficult to isolate ***** the laboratory, more subject to multiple exterior influences in ***** 'field' of lived experience, and less predictable and uniform in its behavior than microbes and molecules, this is all the ***** reason for studying human behavior in a systematized fashion. It helps make sense of what often seems chaotic and un*****, when viewed anecdot*****y. If social ***** like psychology aspire to be useful and prescriptive, experimental studies and observations must be subject ***** controls and prove hypotheses with the same rigor as the natural sciences.

Useful research ***** ***** social science that ********** ***** conclusions cannot ***** purely anecdotal, al***** case ***** have their place within the social *****. But even in a ***** study, statistics can support the conclusions of the observer. For example, the proposal that Swedish teenagers growing up in a more open sexual environment are ***** likely to take responsibility for their sexuality might be an idea confirmed in dialogues with these teens ***** an analysis ***** the mass media. Still, ***** idea should also ***** supported by data about birth control use and an analysis of how ***** responsible attitudes towards ***** ***** discussed ***** the media, ra*****r ***** a deconstruction ***** ***** few ads.

The issue of ethics in ***** and anthropology also requires a cert********** ********** ***** rule-based *****. To avoid exploiting or changing home cultures, anthropologists must maintain a proper distance from their subjects. Researchers in psychology cannot abuse subjects in a laboratory environment to prove a theory.

***** issue of 'common sense' *****evitably ********** some role in social ***** theory, given that *****ers are ***** beings, and bring their own cultural assumptions to their studies and the construction ***** *****. But common sense can never re***** statistical, experimental, and ********** data about another culture. What constitutes common sense varies widely from culture to culture and era to *****. 'Common ********** or cultural misconceptions may tell us ***** the 1950s was a happy era of "Leave it to Beaver" although statistics may show that far more women worked than images of ***** era suggest, and memories ***** cultural artifacts show that there was tremendous fear in the country, as evidenced by McCarthyism, air raid drills, and reluctance to discuss sexual issues


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