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What is the socio-economic impact of restructuring for privatization - Air Malta?

History of Air Malta:

The history ***** Air ***** is original in the sense that it started of earlier as a different airl*****e, under different management than came back ***** the airline that flies the big red and white jets that continuously fly over the rooftops in Malta. The present airline has been set up by an act of the Parliament on 31st march, 1973. The origin of ***** airline ***** in another ***** that was also called Air Malta and set up ***** 1947. ********** ***** been comm***** shareholding in both these airlines and this ***** a period of more than 50 years. The first exercise was the setting up ***** an airline based on the large number of pers*****nel and equipment that were left at the end of ***** Second World War, and that included aircraft.

There were a ***** number of *****s that started in UK, and they all started operat*****g from the many airfields ***** were built for ***** War. Quite a few ***** the colonies of the British empire *****lso followed on ***** same path ***** national airlines were started in many countries including Cyprus, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Hong Kong, East Africa and others. All these airlines sprang up during the period of 1945 to 1947. The importance of ***** in aviation ***** those days was as ***** major s*****pping place on the journeys ***** ***** British ***** to East ***** South Africa, Middle East, the Indian sub-continent and Australia. This provided a lot of flights ***** the airport was at Luqa, which got around 30 ***** 40 flights every week from the ***** Overseas Airways Corporation. 1

1. Robin J. Zammit. Air Malta Ltd. (1947-1951) Retrieved at Accessed on 31 May, 2004

The situation started changing when the aircraft be***** *****ger and the technical stops in Malta ***** slowly removed. The o*****r difficulty was in the short runways that Luqa had for the long-haul four eng*****e aircraft, and ***** ***** ***** to move away to Libya. At the same time, the passengers within ***** started to suffer from ***** lack ***** *****, and this led to a M*****ltese company called Cassar & Cooper to charter aircraft from British companies to fly to destinations ***** UK. Prior to this arrangement, one could leave Malta only through the Government priority List to be put on the different aircraft ***** still had a stage in Luqa. *****re was also a requirement for the local handling of the services at Luqa, and this was taken up by the same company through a new unit called BAS (*****) Ltd. which was a branch for British Aviati***** Services. The stated aim of this company was to handle aircraft at the ***** and also oper*****e aircraft in co-operation with Charter Air Ltd.

*****re were many other companies which ***** opened at about the ***** time for the same purpose. The market ***** small and the companies decided to


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