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What is the socio-economic impact of restructuring for privatization - Air Malta?

H*****tory ***** Air Malta:

The history of Air ***** is original in the sense that it started of earlier as a different airl*****e, under different management than came back ***** the airline that flies the big red and wh*****e jets that continuously fly over the ro*****tops in Malta. The present ***** has been set up by an act of the Parliament on 31st march, 1973. The origin of the airline is in another ***** that was also called ***** Malta ***** ***** up ***** 1947. There has been comm***** shareholding in both these airlines and this ***** a period of more th*****n 50 years. The first exercise was the setting up ***** an airline based on the large number of pers*****nel and equipment that were left at the end of ***** Second World War, and ***** included aircraft.

There were a large number of *****s that started in UK, and they all started operat*****g from the many airfields ***** were built for ***** War. Quite a few of the colonies ***** the British empire *****lso followed on ***** same path ***** national airlines were started in many countries *****cluding Cyprus, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Hong Kong, East Africa and others. All these airlines sprang up during the period of 1945 to 1947. The importance ***** Malta in aviation of those days ***** as ***** major stopping place on the journeys ***** ***** British aircraft to ***** ***** South Africa, Middle E*****t, the Indian sub*****continent and Australia. This provided a lot ***** flights ***** the airport was at Luqa, which got around 30 ***** 40 flights every week from the British Overseas Airways Corpor*****ion. 1

1. Robin J. Zammit. Air Malta Ltd. (1947-1951) Retrieved at Accessed on 31 May, 2004

***** situation started changing when the aircraft became *****ger and the technical stops in Malta ***** slowly removed. The o*****r difficulty was in the short runways that Luqa had for the long-haul four eng*****e aircraft, and the ***** started to move away to Li*****a. At ***** same time, the passengers within ***** ***** ***** suffer from the lack of flights, and this led to a Maltese company ***** Cassar & Cooper to charter aircraft from British companies to fly to destinations within UK. Prior to this arrangement, one could leave Malta only through the Government priority List ***** be put on the different aircraft that still ***** a stage in Luqa. *****re was also a requirement for the loc*****l handling of the services at *****, and this was taken up by the ***** company through a new unit cal***** BAS (Malta) *****. which was a br*****nch ***** British Aviation Services. The stated aim of ***** company was to handle aircraft at the ***** and also oper*****e aircraft in co-operation with Charter Air Ltd.

There were many other companies which were opened at about the same time for the same purpose. The market ***** small and the companies decided to


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