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Dominant Culture & Entertainment

***** 1: The dominant culture of the United States is transmitted through the content of its entertainment industry. That content is shaped by those concerned with profit: the heads of media and media conglomerates, book publishers, movie studios, television networks, Web sites, and athletic teams. The dominant ideologies of the United States are regularly ***** via the content in each ***** *****se ***** fields. For example, imagery related to heterosexual ***** homosexual relationships transmits social norms and values related ***** human sexuality and ***** networking. Similarly, issues related to ethnicity, race, and religion are communicated in the pages of literature or on *****. Images of beauty, of femininity and masculinity, pervade ***** entertainment industry. Those images become ingrained in public consciousness ***** shape self-image and identity in America.

Discussion 2: The dom*****ant culture of the United States is also transmitted through ***** content of its new *****, which has become "infotainment." Dominant ideology is evident in the types of stories that are accepted for publication or broadcasts and ***** tone in which journalists and editors address political or social issues. For example, health care is a hot topic in the American media. ***** media presents the ********** ***** health care ***** ways ***** disparage the idea of socialized medicine. Portraying terms like "socialized medicine" in a negative light perpetuates ***** underly*****g political and social realities in the United *****.

Discussion 3: The dominant culture in ***** United States is evident ***** ***** advert*****ing content and imagery. Because advertising supports the ***** media, those product placements are integral to popular culture. Images of wealth and power, of masculinity and femininity, are as evident in advertisements ***** they are in the actual content of whatever those ads sponsor. Changing social values such as the incre*****ed visibility of people ***** color, of women in positions ***** *****, and of gays ***** lesbians ***** made its way into all types of American media including its commercial enterprises.

The Sociology ***** Fast Food

***** 1: The sociological imagination allows a thorough investig*****tion of the ways *****, norms, and beliefs are transmitted. With an imaginative eye, ***** sociologist can critique social institutions and structures that would otherwise be taken for granted. The sociologist ***** imagine ways in which normalized social institutions and normalized social values affect the daily lives of individuals: impacting income disparity; gender relations; and ***** relations.

Discussion 2: The sociological ***** can lend insight into ***** impact of ***** Food and ***** associated industries, institutions, norms and values on American culture. ***** example, the low wages that Ehrenreich and Ritzer refer to in relation ***** Fast Food have an enormous impact on class structure in ***** United States. The low wages paid to ***** Food workers has become ***** to the extent that labor unions ***** become political and social pariahs in the United States. Similarly, the entrenchment ***** the Fast Food model ***** America has impacted ***** entire concept of eating. As Schaefer pointed out, disconnection with


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