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SportsCenter Analysis

SportsCenter is a production of ESPN on cable television. It is a mixture of scores, game highlights, commentary, interviews and human interest feature stories. All of the people who are part of the ESPN broadcast team are, ***** course, intelligent, well-spoken, ***** attractive.

A lady by the name of Dana Jacobson was one of the primary anchors doing two ***** the three shows. She worked with one man *****d Mike Greenberg and another by the name of Dave Revasine. There were other females involved in the broadcasting, mostly as interviewers who also did a sm*****ll amount of commentary related to what ever interview *****y did. There is, besides the gender mix, ***** an ethnic mix that is actually more diverse for women than men. There are Caucasian, African-American and Hispanic *****s represented ***** the ***** and Caucasian and African-American by ***** *****. The ***** ratio is approximately 3:1 males ***** females. Overall, a great deal of the programming for all ***** broadcasts focused around basketb***** ***** baseball ***** hockey about even in second spot. ***** ***** *****ing ***** hockey didn't receive more air time. The focus on basketball is understandable as the leagues ***** in ********** play-*****fs for who will be in the championship game but right now, the Stanley Cup series is ***** progress and that series is the championship of professional hockey. For this championship series to receive a smaller proportion of ***** air time and share about the same place as a sport that is just starting its se*****on seems odd. The conclusion one could draw from ***** is that ***** is not as popular, or perhaps, as well-understood a sport, as ***** ***** baseball.

Other individual sports or sp*****t-related issues, covered on the three shows I reviewed were, auto racing and the *****ndy 500, horse racing and ***** third Triple Crown race coming up, a brief hit on lacrosse, tennis and the French Open, and a human interest feature ***** a former player for the Athletics who pretty thoroughly ripped ***** his career and life in general with dr*****k and drugs. The story went on to tell of some kind of physical disability that hit him that he is ***** fighting back from.

********** single most prevalent ***** is commercials. Of total programming or three hours and ********** minutes, 64-68 minutes—it is difficult timing accurately because of the way the program pops in and out of ***** and commercials—***** ***** total programming ***** commercials. That also w*****ks out t o ab***** a 3:1 r*****ti*****.

There didn't seem to be any particular difference in the quality of the s*****ries assigned to either gender of anchor. For the most part, *****y equally h*****led all the ********** stories, ***** lead-ins to things like the "shoot arounds," which were panel of experts on baseball and basketball and the Stanley Cup. The panel on baseball discussed ***** pitchers who would be starting games to be played that day (Friday) and ***** ***** had to do ***** the fact that


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