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Standards Performance Continuum: Development and Validation of a Me*****sure of Effective Pedagogy

The article by Doherty, Epaloose and Tharp is a step-by-step presentation of the development and validation of a quantitative tool (termed Standard ***** Continuum or SPC by the authors) that measures teachers' performance in applying ********** for Effective *****. In the first part of the *****, the authors d*****cuss the five standards for effective teaching, i.e., joint productive activity, language and literacy *****, contextualization, challenging activities, and instructional conversation that form the theoretical basis ***** the *****. The rest of ***** article is about the development of the SPC including an explanation of ***** dimensions underlying each standard, developing a five-point rubric (in which 5 levels of en*****ctment are defined), and presentation of three studies ***** test the validity of the measure through interrater reliability, concurrent validity, and criterion-related validity. ***** results ***** the studies show that ***** application of St*****ard Performance Continuum (SPC) provides valid information on performance ***** teachers involved in teaching of disadvantaged students.

***** *****' ***** of contextualization and its underlying dimension identified as 'connected learning' in the article is something that most readers would readily identify with. It ***** a common observance that the human brain retains and recalls a thought, data or text if it can associate ***** object with something that the person's brain is already familiar *****. Hence th***** particular standard f***** effective ***** is perhaps the most important out of the 5 ***** for effective teaching that form the basis of ***** *****. It is also remarkable how often teachers forget or ignore th***** very simple rule of effective teaching in a classroom sett*****g.

***** five Standards for ***** Pedagogy (or teaching) were ident*****ied by Tharp et al


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