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Statement of the Problem

Poverty has always been the bane ***** society.

In modern-day times, with the easy spread of information, poverty is even more magnified. People in wealthy areas and situations are aware of exactly how poor people are wretched areas, and, more critically, people in wretched areas are entirely ***** how wealthy ***** in ***** fortunate *****as. Civilizations have always had vast discrepancies of wealth -- as is indicated by every GINI study ***** but today, the knowledge ***** that d*****crepancy ***** become an ***** more viable *****d potent cause for violent action.

***** events of September 11th were engendered by religious differences, yes, but the root cause is indisputably economic inequalities. The poor not only are *****, *****y now have access -- through technology -- to information like televisions which portray lives ***** opulence in other lands, and to weapons of mass danger. The vast majority ***** the world's poor are just that ***** poor. But there ***** those ***** violent proclivities who ***** have the means the impetus to ***** significant harm to the people whom *****y view as their oppressors.

***** a solution to such violence, diplomacy and sometimes war are needed, as we ***** see*****g in Afghanistan today. But these tools ***** speak to the symp*****ms of the problem. The cure must speak to the dise*****e, and the disease is *****.

Too often, even after that realization, we are tempted to treat on the symptoms of poverty as *****ll. For *****stance, ***** though ***** humanitarian aid rations dropped from tens ***** thousands of feet upon the Afghan people -- killing one Afghan women, no less -- had a distinct political message ***** well, ***** backbone thought behind the program was to help feed ***** same ***** people we were bombing. Small yellow packages of food will only go so far in tackling the huge multi-layered problem ***** international destitution.

We need to switch our focus from thinking in the ********** -- who can we feed to day so they don't attack us tomorrow? -- to how can ***** materially affect a group of people's lives such ***** we have earned ***** friendship and respect for decades to come? All this is, of course, in addition to the simple ***** that poverty is an evil and needs be addressed.

One possible manner ***** which ***** speak to the disease and not the symp*****ms is ***** educational programs for the poor through ***** World Bank. ***** ***** Bank has been engaging in educational ***** in its target area countries for much of its 57 years of existence, but to mixed results and re*****s.

***** paper will examine the efficacy ***** ***** World *****'s educational policies as perceived ***** various literature ***** has ***** devoted to the subject recently. We ***** try to determine whether the World Bank is truly addressing the root of the problem of poverty by investing ***** many millions of dollars yearly on educating ***** poor.

Literature Review

This paper will utilize, primarily,


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