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***** work explores the model of family counseling and therapy known as "Structural Family Therapy." In this study SFT is explored in its original form as well as in a form that is presently being used and has been effectively used specifically in SFT *****itiatives in families that are working with the issue of acculturation. The studies of Minuchin ***** Haley ***** focused upon and the work of Todd (2006) is also taken into consideration. This work ***** how SFT might effectively be applied by a minister of the neighborhood organization PACT and ***** the Christian principles might be effectively and successfully applied in ***** SFT therapy.




The focus of this work is the method termed: "***** Family *****."

Salvador ***** pioneered the approach of "Structural Family Therapy" (SFT) It ***** related throughout the content ***** the various works of Salvador Minuchin is that ***** ***** ********** the framework of structural family ***** is applied directly upon the interactions that go on within the family ***** that ***** knowledge is used in gaining a comprehension of the precise structure of the ***** and ***** family ***** an *****al type structure.

The symptoms displayed within the ***** are the direct result or "***** product of structural failing." (The*****y ***** Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy Family System Therapy, nd) The changes that must occur within the organization of the family structure are of ***** nature that true re***** ***** the structure must be accomplished through resolution of conflicts a***** correction in *****ter*****ction within the family organizational *****. (Theory and Practice of ***** and Psychotherapy Family System Therapy, nd)

According to Thomas C. Todd, Ph.D. at the Adler School ***** Professional Psychology in the work entitled: "Primer of Structural ***** Therapy" that in ***** years ***** teaching and supervising he has spent in ***** therapy that he became "convinced that a concise introduction to structural family therapy (SFT) would be valuable." This work of *****'s is a wonderful read and conveys clearly that the *****rapist is actually "an orchestra leader or stage *****or" but conveys just as clearly that it's is not all ad' lib ***** contains specific systematic approaches within it as *****. "Patterns" within communication refers to the repeated types ***** communication ***** interaction that are noted as *****ing repetitive in nature or that is repeated over again and *****. The therapist also must watch for patterns in non-verbal behavior such as cross arms, crossing of legs and even the ***** twitching of ***** foot are all signs of repetitive ***** and interaction. (Todd, 2006)

***** relation to verbal communication ***** (2006) states that "it is important to note who talks ***** whom, whether transaction ***** completed or interrupted, ***** communications typically take place between two members (a dyad) ***** includes a tri*****d or even agreement or disagreement between particular family members. Shifts in behavior are also noted related to the pattern in communication.


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