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Student Centered Teaching

*****, Social Reconstructionism and Existentialism vs." Essentialism and Perennialism

The face of the American educational system has been changing dramatically over ***** past several decades. Since the inception of standardized education in ***** US, the fabric of society itself ***** undergone dramatic changes. Yet, ***** educational system continues to promote the paradigms that prevailed since ***** systems very beginning. It can be argued ***** the system is in need ***** some dramatic ***** if we are ***** compete in a world where globalization means coping with increasing competition. Th***** research will explore teacher centered and student centered philosophies. It ***** support ***** hypothesis that student ***** philosophies benefit the ***** more than ***** centered philosophies.

Standardized education was developed on teacher-centered philosophies. Ho*****ver, recent trends suggest that student centered philosophies would better prepare student's to meet ***** demands of today's job market. Teacher ***** philosophies do not consider the student's active role in ***** learn*****g process. Students are treated as something to be acted upon a head to ***** filled with facts. However, student centered ***** consider the whole student and the needs ***** the student in ***** ********** process. These are the key differences between teacher ***** ***** student centered philosophies.


***** Centered Philosophies

There are two primary types of *************** philosophies. They are essentialism and perennialism. Essentialists believe ***** the subject matter is the center of the curriculum. Many ***** them feel that greater educational opportunities are the reason for lowered standards in the schools. One of their key criticism of student centered philosophies is they place the emphasis on the child and teaching utilizing a varieties and activities. They criticize progressives ***** allowing the child too much freedom in choosing their curriculum (Cliff, 1996.).

***** centered methods of treating include rote learning ***** that have been proven to be minimally effective at best. ***** of the key problems with rote learning is that the *****s fail to integrate the material into ***** daily lives. They might do well on ***** tests, but they have difficulty making real life description Students taught in this manner might receive good grades, due to their ability to memorize material. Therefore, the teacher would look good, as ***** students appear ***** be high achievers.

However, in ***** case, ***** numbers do ***** tell the entire picture. Essentialist philosophies, ***** their curriculum-centered basis, hold students to high academic standards. Standardized testing in one of the ***** elements of the teacher centered essentialist viewpoint. One of ***** key advantages of standardized ***** is ***** it provides specific benchmarks for evaluation purposes. One ***** easily determine if the student has met the prescribed *****.

*****, there are those that ***** this advantage is underscored by the many arguments against standardized testing. For instance, there are some ***** feel standardized ***** increases drop-out rates (Amrein & Berliner, 2002). Teacher centered philosophy holds that if a child performs poorly on the tests, then they need to work a little harder for the next


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