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Implication for teaching vocabulary based on knowledge of language teaching methodology and the language sub-system vocabulary—what do we need to do as teachers to teach students vocabulary?

When ********** students new vocabulary, whether the words are simply ***** or are tricky and difficult (such as homophones ***** homonyms), increasing the students' range of context-dependent associations regarding the new word is key. Students must learn to understand the meaning of new ***** through exposure ***** the *****s in a series ***** different contexts, not simply through the memorization of definitions. This is why expanding ***** vocabulary, regardless of the students' grade level, ***** ***** be confined to a specific part ***** the lesson plan known as ***** vocabulary or Engl*****h section of the day. New, critical ***** words can be introduced during History, Social Studies, and even incorporated into decorative art on the bulletin boards around the room. In fact, incorporating new vocabulary words in all spheres ***** the students' regular less*****s ***** class***** environments increases the student's level of familiarity with the ***** *****, lessens the sense of intimidation when approaching ***** words, and broadens the contextual definitions students are exposed to regarding new vocabulary words.

One way to increase retention is ***** *****gin ***** the continual yet ***** contextual ***** of the words, then directly emphasizing the importance of the new words through *****room media, and fin*****y through material ***** are required to master in ********** formal homework. This process of contextual stages will make the final tests of vocabulary words seem less frightening. This gradual ***** fur*****r enables students to have a ***** of activating prior knowledge, if they are ***** to new vocabulary over time. It also gives ***** a sense of empowerment, especially when learning difficult words, as the words ***** ***** less unfamiliar if students first hear ***** words said aloud during videotape, ***** see them in a coll*****ge of current events, ***** finally must understand the word in a story they must read during


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