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Compare and contrast a secular terrorists and a religious terrorists.

Terrorists can be defined as people who use violence for the purpose of spreading fear ra*****r than for the physical results ***** their actions. They do this to draw attention to things they perceive ***** wrongs that must ***** righted by society (Weisbach, 2004). Terrorists could be divided in***** two groups: those whose issues are *****ly based ***** those whose issues are not ***** on religi*****. Al-qaeda is an example of a group that uses religious beliefs as the basis for ***** actions. The Basque terrorists of Spain would be ***** example of a politically-based organization.

***** ***** have similarities. Both groups believe that working within ***** political system will ***** achieve their goals. They do not believe ***** can bring about the changes they want to see happen through such things as electing representatives to parliamentary bodies. Instead they use tactics designed to shock people into noticing ***** *****.

However, political terrorists rarely cross the boundaries of the political entities against which *****y fight. So the IRA, a group related to religious differences but not fighting based on what religi***** they think people should practice, commit acts of terror in Northern Ireland and England, ***** not ***** Africa or Asia. By contrast, ***** sees its religious message as important to the entire world, and believes that the ***** ***** some other governments have a neg*****tive effect on religious practice in the areas they see as their domains. Because of ***** Al-qaeda objects ***** American troops in Saudi Arabia ***** sees American economic *****fluence as an affront to their religion. So while the IRA sets off bombs in Great Britain, Al-qaeda h***** attacked in New York City and in Washington D. C., as well as bombing American emb*****sies in Africa. There are no political ***** for religious terrorists.

Using the IRA as an example, discuss ways terrorists groups finance ***** operations.

The Irish Republican Army, or *****, has used a variety of ways to fund their *****. In one example ********** of last year, both the British and Northern Ireland governments believe ***** the IRA was behind a bank robbery described as "spectacular" in the media (Staff writer, 2005). In this bank robbery, thirty-eight Euros were stolen. That's nearly $50 million in ***** dollars (Staff writer, *****). The ***** government says that ***** ***** made multiple attempts to launder the money using Mafia-like approaches, such as filtering the ***** through legitimate businesses. In the huge manhunt that followed the bank *****, the Irish police seized over 3.5 million Euros, including the equivalent of 2.3 million pounds, all in cash, found with one businessman in Cork, Ireland, in February of this year. This arrest shows ***** ties to bus*****esses for *****ing purposes. The ********** man is a director for a fin*****ncial company. Items ***** as computers have also been *****, suggesting that the IRA may be using modern tech*****logy to launder money.

In other cases, the IRA has *****en shown


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