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Compare and contrast a secular terrorists and a religious terrorists.

Terrorists can be defined as people who use violence for the purpose of spreading fear ra*****r than for the physical results ***** their actions. They do this to draw attention to things they perceive as wrongs that must ***** righted by society (Weisbach, 2004). Terrorists could be divided in***** two groups: those ********** issues are *****ly b*****ed and those whose issues are not based on religion. Al-qaeda is an example of a group that uses religious beliefs as the basis for ***** actions. The Basque terrorists of Spa***** would be ***** example of a politically-based organization.

Both *****s have similarities. Both groups believe that working within the political system will not achieve their goals. They do ***** believe ***** can bring about the changes ********** want to see happen through such things as electing representatives to parliamentary bodies. Instead they use tactics designed to shock people into noticing ***** issues.

However, political terrorists rarely cross the boundaries of the political entities against which they fight. So the IRA, a group rel*****ted to religious differences but not ********** based on what religi***** *****y think people should practice, commit acts of terror in Northern Ireland and England, but not in Africa or Asia. By contrast, ***** sees its ***** message as important to the entire world, and believes that the actions of some other governments ***** a negative effect on *****ous practice in the are***** they see as their doma*****s. Beca***** of ***** Al-qaeda objects to American troops in Saudi Arabia and ***** American economic *****fluence as an affront to ***** religion. So while the IRA sets off bombs in Great Britain, Al-qaeda has attacked in New York City and in Washington D. C., as well as bombing American emb*****sies in *****. There ***** no political ***** ***** religious terrorists.

***** the IRA as an example, discuss ways terrorists groups finance their operations.

The Irish Republican Army, or *****, has used a variety of ways to fund their *****. In one example December of last year, both the British and Northern ***** ***** believe that the IRA was behind a bank robbery described as "spectacular" in the media (Staff writer, 2005). In this ***** robbery, thirty-eight Euros were stolen. That's nearly $50 million in ***** dollars (Staff writer, 2005). The ***** government says that the IRA made multiple attempts to launder ***** money using Mafia-like approaches, such as filtering the ***** through legitimate businesses. In the huge manhunt that followed the bank robbery, ***** Irish police seized over 3.5 ***** *****, including the equivalent of 2.3 million pounds, all in cash, found with one businessman in Cork, Ireland, in February ***** this year. This arrest shows the ties to bus*****esses for *****ing purposes. The arrested man is a director ***** a fin*****ncial company. Items ***** as computers have also been seized, suggesting ***** ***** IRA may be using modern tech*****logy to launder money.

***** other cases, the ***** has been shown


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