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theories on how political leadership affects human development.

Theoretical perspectives on the relation of ***** leadership to human *****.

In archaic societies, ***** appropriate way to honor progenitors, mythical or actual, is to repeat their gestures and their sacred w*****ds. In 'modern societies,' the way to show esteem and honor ***** not to repeat but to build on; ***** ritually to invoke but productively to extend; not to follow in the footsteps but ***** widen the path.

***** et al, 1983; p. 111).

*****. Introduction

The issue ***** ***** development ***** the modern word is best discussed in terms of ***** ********** ***** interrelated theoretical aspects. These aspects include elements of and relationships between leadership, in a political sense, and culture. Within the ambit of the term culture one can also include the problematics of religion, ethics ***** morals as well as the various norms and mores that make up a particular culture. The concept of ***** leadership forms an interactive part of the process of cultural hum***** development. In a contemporary *****oretical sense, the understandings ***** these ***** of modern culture form the fulcrum for any comprehensive *****oretical discussion ***** ***** in the modern world.

The view of leadership and ********** political leadership has undergone a radical change in recent years.

Put very simplistically, political ***** refers to ***** choices taken and policies made by the ***** leaders of a particular country. These decisions and politics impact on ***** influence people and consequently institute, entrench or change views about other cultures and societies. Conversely, political leaders are also influenced and have to integrate cultural views and expectation into ***** political decisions and ********** which implies a more complex view of leadership than a simple one way process. This admittedly simplistic overview is especially relevant today in the age of technology and international change and forms the foundation of any exploration of the influence ***** modern political ***** on societal morals and belief structures.

It is important to realize that much of modern theory hinges on the assumption that leadership no longer takes place in a vacuum, as it were.

However, this does not discount the fact that m***** political leaders exert a direct ***** over *****ir ***** and impact and ***** the path of *****an development and growth through their idea and leadership "charisma."

***** only has ***** look at examples from recent history; such as the influence of the views and policies of Adolf Hitler, to use an extreme example, which shaped cultural ***** and ethnic perceptions.

***** this study the various theoretical implications of modern ***** and its influence on human development will be ***** into account, in the context of a ***** ***** where *****re has been a bre*****kdown in the rigid barriers between nation states ***** where cultural and ideological issues ***** assumes a larger ***** ***** interpenetrating signifi*****ce- especially in terms ***** religion and differences in cultural world views. This again points to the fact ***** the question of leadership has become more complex


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