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Time Management

Literature Review

There are many different things that can cause stress for the college student. Managing their time effectively and having satisfaction with the leisure time that they have ***** issues that must be addressed by many ***** students (McKean & Misra, 2000). Academic stress is also extremely important ***** this is possibly one of the largest *****sues that college students face, but this can be lessened by learning to manage time appropriately (***** & Misra, 2000). Nationwide *****re has been a strong increase in the stress that college students are feeling and many believe ***** this trend is rather disturbing.

***** are several different categories that this stress takes and these include financial, health-related, academic, and self-imposed (McKean & Misra, 2000). Those that are ***** have ***** do with the knowledge base that the student ***** and whether the ***** has the perception ***** he or s***** is able to develop it in an adequate period of *****. Many students experience academic stressors at specific times dur*****g each semester because many of ***** come from taking exams, competing ***** grades, ***** memorizing or learning a l*****rge amount of inf*****mation within a very short period of time (McKe*****n & Misra, *****). The interest, however, is in whether students that manage their time better experience fewer symptoms of anxiety and stress (McKean & *****, 2000).

Stress is generally a good thing as all individuals must have some to survive. However, when ***** have too much ***** in their lives or the stress is perceived as being a neg*****tive event then psychological and physical impairments can *****times be seen (McKean & Misra, 2000). There are ways that students ***** reduce stress in college but they ***** to work at what they are do*****g and learn how to get enough social support, enough time for leisure ***** enjoyment, and ***** their time correctly (***** & Misra, 2000). If ***** ***** not able to meet any type of personal need through different leisure activities or hobbies they may feel ***** though the stress that *****y ***** deal with in classes ***** during ***** is actually much stronger than ***** it really is (McKean & M*****ra, 2000). In add*****ion, female students appear to ***** more anxiety ***** and benefit less ***** leisure activities, so the female college student population would seem ***** be ***** most at risk ***** difficulties stemming from the stress ***** time management problems (McKean & Misra, *****). In addition, *****, female students are seen to be better overall at managing ***** ***** effectively ***** male students (McKean ***** Misra, 2000).

***** management seems to be extremely important for ***** of these individuals as they ***** their way through ***** (McKean & *****, 2000). ***** of ***** students ***** just out of high school and when they were in high ***** they did ***** have the degree ***** stress ***** *****y have in college. They also did not have the trouble ***** managing their time correctly in ***** school. Their


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