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Would You Torture an Animal?

***** testing is both a controversi*****l ********** highly emotional topic. While many people believe that animal testing is inhumane, many others see it as an important part of preserving human life. In my opinion, animal *****, due to the harsh nature of the process, should only be conducted if ***** is necessary to advance science and technology ***** may help save lives.

If I were working in a research lab and was *****volved in the development of a revolutionary skin graft that would save lives, I would definitely support ***** testing for ***** product. In this case, animal testing ***** be a necessary process in ***** the effects of the new development.

Without animal testing, this development would not ***** approved by the government. As a result, millions of ***** would be affected, especially those of accident victims that may be saved by ***** skin graft.

***** I am against torturing animals to test products like lipstick ***** sh*****poo, I am convinced ***** animal testing has greatly advanced the medical field. Many ********** have used animals ***** test ***** that have saved millions of lives. In addition, ***** world's quality of ***** has *****en vastly improved as a ***** ***** these tests.

For example, without the use of animals in medical *****, we may never ***** gotten access to cures for rabies, me*****les and tuberculosis. Our scientists may have ***** gained a firm understanding of how the brain works. In *****, ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** died, as open-heart surgery and heart valve replacement ***** both developed using animal testing.

***** a research worker, ***** main concern, when developing the ***** graft, would be the validity ***** safety of the development. Animal testing would be ***** in determining side effects or possible problems. If ***** *****re ***** ***** ***** test this new *****, it would ***** d*****ficult, if not impossible, to determine how it ***** affect humans. I would not feel com*****table sending the product ***** hospitals if it was not thoroughly tested and I know that the government would ***** approve *****.

Serious injury, worsening of health condition, severe defects, or even death could be ca*****d ***** an un***** development. To prevent ***** from happening, the ***** de*****ment ***** use ***** minimal number of animal to test the skin graft.

***** would want to be a major part of the animal testing, ra*****r than pass the responsibility ***** a laboratory technician. By taking a signific*****nt role in the process, I ***** ensure that ***** department *****d as few animals as possible and took all precautions necessary to make the process painless for the animals used.

*****n my opinion, the advances and positive results of animal testing definitely outweigh the negative *****pects ***** the process. Many people who protest against animal ***** do so ***** supplying the ***** industry with alternatives to ***** testing.

***** present, ***** testing is necessary ***** the preservation of human life. I believe it is necessary for success of the


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