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Torture can be simply explained as mental, emotional or physical torment and suffering. The thesis will primarily include logical re*****ons ***** opinions on how the man-induced torture should not be used as a tool of war, barring exceptions or urgencies, and why. This topic of torture is important considering the current inclination of nations and states of the 21st century towards strengthening their war regimes and tactics which has simultaneously s*****n a substantial increase in the discussions on what form of torture is allowed ***** to what extent and purpose can it be used. ***** ********** of torture has become even more significant for government candidates to include in their pol*****ical campaigns since the 9/11 attacks on the US soil and ***** consequent initiation of the War on Terror. In this thesis, the main emphasis will lie on the impacts of ***** as a me*****ns to move **********d with an intelligent war or c*****flict strategy. Furthermore this thesis ***** include ***** of both sides i.e. whether *****rture should be ***** as a war tactic or not.


One ***** the main observations that nobody seems to be making is that *****rture as a tool of war is limited in its r*****ge. This simply means ***** using torture to extract information is very circumstantial and highly dependent upon the gravity of the situation. There are many who ***** disillusioned by the War on Terror ***** clam that torture should in no way be a ***** because ***** ***** ***** of inhumane personal intrusion ***** is ***** direct consequence.

***** McCain, the 2008 presidential candidate for ***** US, is a ***** veteran and a survivor of inhum*****ne torture and hence he seems to condone any and all *****m ***** ***** that can or has been used in the past to extract useful *****. The main logic behind his overlooking ***** circumstantial importance in his proposal of a 'no torture' law is the "two-way street" approach. He portrays a strong belief th*****t allowing ***** Ameri***** interrogators to use inhumane or personally intrusive measures to extract information automatically gives e***** singl***** enemy ***** *****s to treat American captives in a similar manner. ***** approach and logic has been supported by a vast majority of senators and citizens as well, and in all fairness, it does make a logical argument. There is no need to make a law w*****h regards ********** that are rare because if a l*****w gives the window ***** use torture pertaining dire circumstances, then like most other criminal laws, the law of torture can also be manipulated for personal advantages.

The UN and Council of Europe have shown various concerns since the beginning of the War on Terror on ***** means ***** methods ***** by numerous interrogators to extract information claiming that the methodologies are defiant of the human and civil rights which are pertinent to all humans irrespective of their nationality, race or religion. T***** concern has *****, though, voiced glob*****y, has ***** faced severe criticism from numerous


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