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The Environmental Impact of Tourism

Hear the word 'tourist' and what comes to mind—a man or wo***** wearing shorts and a p*****ir of Bermuda *****. Hardly ***** image of the typical conservationist. And indeed, the environmental impact of conventional *****urism can be profoundly deleterious to ***** environment. The excess of additional human beings in an area, often hum***** beings with little concern for the local ecosystem ***** put enormous pressure on envir*****mentally vulnerable areas in terms of the land's ability ***** sustain life. Tourism can increase soil erosion, air and water pollution, release additional discharges into the sea, increase ***** rate ***** natural habitat loss, put additional pressure on endangered species' ability to find food and shelter, and increase an area's vulnerability to *****est fires. It ***** puts a strain on ***** resources, and it ***** force wildlife populati*****s ***** compete for the use of scarce but critical *****. Oil spills, run offs, and a gener*****l ***** of biological diversity from tourist fishing and hunting, and an ***** of fossil fuels ***** planes all are result from tourism's taxation of the ecosystem ("Three Main Impact Areas," Environmental *****s of Tourism, 2002).

However, tourism can also contribute to directly ***** ***** conservation of sensitive *****as and habitats, as revenue from park and entrance fees the money gained ***** tourist's infusion of new currency into the area can be allocated specifically to pay for the protection and management of ***** environment ("How Tourism Can Contribute to Conservation," ***** Impacts ***** Tourism, 2002). International tourism reinforces the idea that all persons are a part of a world community and act as a reminder of how precious the ***** resources ***** the world can be for ***** persons, regardless of where they call home. Finally, tourism can provide ***** populations with employment in ways that do not tax the natural resources, such as rampant **********, or force *****m to abandon their local customs and culture ("Socio-Cultural ***** of Tourism," Environmental Impacts of Tourism, 2002).

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