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The Environmental Impact of Tourism

Hear the word 'tourist' and what comes to mind—a man or wo***** wearing shorts and a p*****ir of Bermuda *****. Hardly the image ***** the typical conservationist. And indeed, the environmental impact of conventional *****urism can be profoundly deleterious to ***** environment. The excess of additional human beings in an area, often hum***** ***** with little concern for the local ecosystem can put enormous pressure on envir*****mentally vulnerable areas in terms of the land's ability to sustain life. Tourism ***** increase soil erosion, air and water pollution, release additional discharges in***** the sea, increase the rate of natural habitat loss, put additional pressure on endangered species' ability to find food and shelter, and increase an area's vulnerability ***** forest fires. It ***** puts a str*****in ***** water resources, and it can force wild***** populations to compete for the use of scarce but cr*****ical *****. Oil spills, run *****fs, and a general ***** of biological diversity from tourist fishing and hunting, and an ***** of fossil fuels from pl*****es all are result from tourism's taxation of the ecosystem ("Three Main ***** Areas," Environmental Impacts of Tourism, 2002).

However, tourism can also contribute to directly ***** the conservation ***** sensitive *****as and habitats, as revenue ***** park ***** entrance fees the money gained from tourist's infusion of new currency into the area can be allocated specifically to pay for the protection and management of the environment ("How Tourism Can Contribute to Conservation," ***** Impacts ***** Tourism, 2002). International ***** rein*****s the idea that all persons are a part of a *****rld community ***** ********** as a reminder of how precious the ***** resources of the world c*****n ***** for ***** persons, regardless ***** where they call home. Finally, tourism can provide local ***** with employment in ways that do not tax the natural resources, such as rampant **********, or force *****m to abandon their ***** cus*****ms and culture ("Socio-Cultural Impacts of Tourism," Environmental ***** of Tourism, 2002).

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