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Sex offenses are among the most heinous crimes that one human being can commit against ano*****r. However, a great percentage of the people ***** commit sexual ********** will be released from prison. For this reason treatment options for these offenders have been c*****fully researched as it relates to redesigning rehabilitation so that it is restorative in nature instead of punitive.

***** to Kaden (1998) the increases in ***** number of pri*****ners and the costs of incarceration, has created a need for the development ***** new tre*****tment for sex offenders. This research asserts that specialized treatment can reduce to offenders' tendency to offend again. According to the author, "These treatment programs almost universally require the offender to admit responsibility for the offense underlying the conviction as a condition of entry and continued participation in the program.

This is a difficult hurdle for sex *****s, who are particularly likely to deny their offenses (Kaden 1998)." The authors also *****sert that empathy ***** positive because it allows the offender to understand some of ***** pa***** that has been caused by the crime. In doing so the offender is more aw***** of ********** actions and less ***** to offend *****.

Other treatment programs ***** begun to include collaborations w*****h professionals ***** the community. Wilson et al (2000), reports ***** *****-based sexual *****er treatment is a f*****irly ***** innovation provoked ***** awful reoffenses in communities ***** the last ten years (Pepino 1990, West et al 2000). Community based ***** that collaborate with professionals must include the sharing of in*****mation which is accomplished by incorporating parole supervision ***** treatment intervention (West ***** al *****).


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Wilson R. J., Cripps J. E., Stewart L. Barrett M., Stirpe T. (2000) Community-Based Sex Offender Management: Combining Parole Supervision ***** Treatment to Reduce Recidivism. Canadian Journal ***** *****. 42 (2),


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