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Sex offenses are among the most heinous crimes that one human being can commit against another. However, a great percentage of the people ***** commit sexual *****fenses will be released from prison. For this reason treatment options for these offenders have *****en carefully researched as it relates to redesigning rehabilitation so that it is restorative in nature instead of pun*****ive.

***** to Kaden (1998) the incre*****es in ***** number of prisoners and the costs of *****carceration, has created a need for the development of new tre*****tment for sex offenders. This research asserts that specialized treatment can reduce to offenders' tendency to offend again. According ***** the author, "These treatment programs almost universally require the offender to admit responsibility ***** the offense underlying the conviction as a condition of entry and continued participation in ***** program.

This is a difficult hurdle for sex *****s, who are particularly likely to deny their offenses (Kaden 1998)." The ********** also assert that empathy ***** positive because it allows the offender to understand some of ***** pain that has been caused by the crime. In doing so the offender is more aw***** of their actions and less likely ***** offend *****.

Other ***** ********** have begun to include collaborations w*****h professionals and the community. Wilson et al (2000), reports that community-based sexual offender treatment ***** a f*****irly ***** innovation provoked ***** awful re***** in communities ***** the last ten years (Pepino 1990, West ***** al *****). Community based programs ***** collaborate with professionals must ***** the sharing of information ********** is accomplished by incorporating parole supervision with treatment intervention (West et al 2000).


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***** R. J., Cripps *****. E., Stewart L. Barrett M., Stirpe T. (2000) Community-Based Sex Offender Management: Combining Parole Supervision ***** Treatment to Reduce Recidivism. Canadian Journal of Criminology. 42 (2),


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