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Adopting A Total Safety Management System

TSM: An Introduction

Total Safety Management System or TSM enables an organization to develop interrelated processes ***** provide personnel with a consistently s*****fe work environment in which to provide the best product and services (DOE, 8). According to Goetsch (2005) ***** is "a perform*****nce-oriented approach to safety management that involves the total organization" (1). This means ***** a TSM involves integrated processes and procedures that ensure the total health ***** well being of all employees within an *****.

There are m*****y advantages a ***** system h*****s to offer an organization. Among the more commonly cited advantages of a TSM include improved employee morale, improved motivation, greater productivity and increased safety on and ********** the job. Employees that feel safe are ***** likely to remain productive and loyal than those who are threatened in the workplace. Besides an *****vestment in time and training, there are relatively few disadvantages a TSM system has ***** offer. These ideas and more are discussed below.

***** of TSM *****s In Business

***** systems ***** organizations various benefits. Perhaps the most important advantage an organization stands to gain by adopting a TSM is improved productivity and efficiency (Pierce, 2000). When implemented correctly a TSM system should help org*****nizations maintain and promote a healthy and safe ***** for ***** ***** work in. TSM encourages among other things (1) peak performance among employees, (2) ********** action and (3) continual steps toward improvement (*****, 2005). A TSM offers companies multiple *****s. One it ensures employees are competent and adequately trained to perform the tasks at hand. It also ensures an org*****ization easily identifies safety requirements and standards and monitors hazards in the workplace.

***** also enables individuals within ***** corporation to have clear responsibilities and roles with regard to safety, and ensures they ***** competent with respect to the level of responsibility they carry *****in the organization (DOE, 12). It also *****s employees and the organization balance priorities. An ***** willing to adopt a TSM system subsequently ********** accountability ***** certain individuals for an org*****izations environment health and *****-being. It also encourages ***** and teams of individuals in the organization to establ*****h common goals ***** objectives with respect to organizational *****. ***** ***** turn improves team spirit, camaraderie and confidence in the organizations ability to support employee objectives and safety.

Kincaid (2002) points out that an effective TSM system will develop safety standards in language that is plain and clear so that all employees are capable ***** adopting ***** responsibilities as a normal part of business. An organization that utilizes a ***** and treats safety "like it is truly important" ***** have multiple advantages over competitors in ***** because it will offer employees improved safety and better health performance in ***** workplace (Kincaid, 34). Employees who are aware of hazards on the job are less likely to engage in behaviors or activities that will result in harm or decreased *****. Time and time again organizations ***** noted that close attention to safety


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