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UNIX...simply put, is a robust *****nd scalable operating that has been in existence for almost over 30 years. In some cases, it has been called "the grandfa*****r of operating systems" as a result ***** the ye*****rs it has ***** extant. The OS was developed in the 1960s and born out of ***** need by Bell Laboratories in the United States to have an operating system that could be use ***** its staff to assist *****m in their scientific and academic research. It is older than Microsoft's brand of ***** ***** and considered more secure and less bug/error-free! "***** was designed ***** users who were largely com*****er scientists and AT&T (the owners of Bell Laboratories) made UNIX available at nominal cost to ***** *****, with whom it became popular. This helped to create a market for UNIX, at a time when technological changes had themselves *****d a need for ***** portable multi-user operating system. As a result ***** began to be adopted by non-academic users in the 1980's as it became commercially available. Several st*****ards are now being worked *****, and UNIX is steadily becoming ***** st*****ard ***** system in many environments. (Wynne, 1997)"

***** is still in used ***** millions ***** server worldwide and despite various variants developed ***** the years, the b*****ic kernel remains the same ***** variations made depending on ***** needs of an individual or *****g*****izati*****. A more popular offshoot - although Linus Torvalds at times won't admit it - is the Linux family of oper*****ing systems. "The market ***** the UNIX system continues to exp*****. IDC estimates ***** market at US$ 39 billion in 1996 and forecasts the market ***** be US$ 50 billion in ***** year 2000. In addition, the installed base of the UNIX ***** ***** an estimated value ***** US$ 122 *****. These market estimates lead to several conclusions about the ***** system, as follows: *****n annual market of US$ ***** billion ***** large enough ***** remain attractive to many suppliers ***** ***** provide sufficient revenue to fund continuing high levels of investment in support and product enhancement. The UNIX ********** growth rates, which appear modest in comparison to ***** unit shipment growth of newer *****s, are anchored by an enormous *****stalled base. High ***** shipment growth rates are typical of new entries in a marketplace. (UNIX Systems Cooperative Promotion Group, 2006)"

***** of the main reasons for UNIX's unparalleled use and steady market ***** is its portability, multi-*****r and multi-tasking ability especially when it comes ***** deployment in *****s and workstations. In ***** client-server architecture, UNIX was instrumental in the development of ***** ********** as well as networking environment for various types of computers whether mainframe, microcomputers or PCs. ***** basic property of the UNIX ***** is ***** kernel which sources out the commands for the whole system from booting, execution to shutdown. "The kernel is ***** part carries out basic operating system functions such as accessing files, allocating memory and handling communications. A shell provides


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