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It is a f*****ct that Vitamins play a very important role in a human being's life, and a basic working knowledge of these vitamins is extremely important to those therapists and others who are involved in the treatment of diseases and deficiencies related to vitamins. Vitamins are nothing but chemicals within the group ***** organic compounds needed by the body to maintain perfectly good health. Vitamins cannot be syn*****sized by the body, and therefore must be taken as a part of the diet through pills or otherwise. Some ***** the major ***** ***** A, or 'retinol', B1, ***** 'thiamine, aneurine', B2, or 'riboflavin', B6 or 'pyridoxine', B9, or 'folic acid', **********, or 'cyanocobalamin', C, or 'asc*****bic acid', D, E, or 'tocopherols', and K. (Revise Vitamins)

The lack of vitamins can cause numerous problems, and a study conducted by the UN st*****tes that ***** ***** of ***** has resulted in a loss in the brain power ***** human beings. It lowers children's' IQ by about 5 to 7 points, and it also increases the chances of birth defects in children whose mother's suffered from vitamin deficiency when they were pregnant. More than a 40% of people in developing countries suffer ***** iron or folic acid *****, ***** a further *****% do not get sufficient Vit*****min A. (Lack of vitamins saps Nation's Intellect, says U.N. study) Deficiencies ***** certain vitamins can also cause symptoms of toxicity, and some examples are where lack ***** B1, B6, and potassium are all linked to mental confusion. (A Body of Evidence) For the most part, since it is a fact that fat soluble vitamins, that is, A,D, E, and ***** are s*****red ***** ***** body for longer periods of time, they increase the risk for toxicity when ***** ***** in excess of the required amounts. This means that supplements of vitamins are not ***** unless prescribed for a specific reason. (Fat Soluble Vitamins)

Along with the numerous benefits that dietary ***** ***** offer, they also have numerous drawbacks, and when one takes supplements, ***** must do so only under proper supervision and advice. This is because ***** can often have *****ful herbs and additives which can actually interact with other supplements or ***** the individual's diet and can cause undesirable side effects. However, some ***** are only effective if they are ***** with other ingredients, like for example, calcium needs to be taken ***** Vitamin D and magnesium, ***** ***** E would need zinc ***** be effective. (Your Guide to the most popular Nutritional Supplements and Dietary Supplements) Food ***** the best source to obtain *****, and each food provides a unique 'package' of vitamins, like for example, a glass of milk would give protein, calcium, ***** D and A, B12, riboflavin, ***** other nutrients. (Vitamin and Mineral Supplements ***** Adults) 'Anti oxidants' are parts of the body's defense against free radicals as well ***** from stress. These are found in fruits, cereals, berries, nuts, legumes, vegetables, or can be *****ed ***** ***** form of


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