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It is a f*****ct that Vitamins play a very important role in a human being's life, and a basic working knowledge of these vitamins is extremely important to those therapists ***** others who are involved in the treatment of diseases and deficiencies related to vitamins. Vitamins are nothing but chemicals within the group ***** organic compounds needed by the body to maintain perfectly good health. Vitamins cannot be synthesized by the body, and therefore must be taken as a p*****rt of the diet through pills or otherwise. Some of the major vitamins are A, or 'retinol', B1, or 'thiamine, aneurine', B2, or 'rib*****lavin', B6 or 'pyridoxine', B9, or 'folic acid', B12, or 'cyanocobalamin', C, or 'ascorbic acid', D, E, or 'tocopherols', ***** K. (Revise Vitamins)

The lack of vitamins can cause numerous problems, and a study conducted by the UN st*****tes that the lack of ***** has resulted in a loss ***** ***** brain power ***** human beings. It lowers children's' IQ by about 5 to 7 points, and it also increases the chances of birth defects in children *****se mo*****r's suffered from vitamin deficiency when they were pregnant. More than a 40% of people in developing countries suffer from iron or folic acid deficiency, ***** a further 40% do not get sufficient Vit*****min A. (Lack of vitamins saps Nation's Intellect, says U.N. study) Deficiencies of certain vitamins can also cause symptoms of toxicity, and some examples are where lack ***** B1, B6, and potassium are all linked to mental confusion. (A Body of **********) For the most part, since it is a fact that fat soluble v*****amins, that is, A,D, E, and ***** are stored ***** ***** body for longer periods of time, ***** increase the risk for toxicity when they ***** in excess ***** the required amounts. This means ***** supplements of vitamins are ***** ***** unless prescribed for a specific reason. (Fat Soluble Vitamins)

Along with the numerous benefits that *****ary ***** ***** offer, they also have ***** drawbacks, and ***** one takes supplements, one must do so only under proper supervision and advice. This is be***** ***** can often have powerful herbs and additives which can actually interact with other supplements or with the individual's diet ***** can cause undesirable side effects. However, *****me ***** are only effective if they are taken with other ingredients, like for example, calcium needs to be taken with Vitamin D and magnesium, ***** ***** E would need zinc to be effective. (Your Guide to the most popular Nutritional Supplements and Dietary *****) Food is the best source to obtain vitamins, and each food provides a unique 'p*****ckage' of vitamins, like ***** example, a glass of milk would give protein, calcium, Vitamins D and A, B12, riboflavin, ***** other nutrients. (Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Adults) 'Anti oxidants' are parts of the *****'s defense against free radicals as well ***** from stress. These are found in fruits, cereals, berries, nuts, legumes, vegetables, or can be obta*****ed in the form of


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