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Is the volunteer US army a success?

The progr*****m is little known, appreciation and awareness is a challenge that ***** program has been facing since its early days of presence. Another ***** that continues to counter especially with constant government decentralization is ample financial support. Over the years of adapting to evolution, the volunteering ***** become thoroughly self-reliant.

Everyone has in the back of their mind to achieve something for themselves ***** ***** their country. Volunteering has always been a difficult job, however it depicts the sense of love, and patriotism one has for ***** country. For the ***** army, volunteers come from all walks of life and support in almost all ***** its activities. They serve as members and in special functions when disasters strike. Their contribution of time ***** commitment are essential to the success of the organization. Volunteers learn a great deal about the other cultures, as well ***** help them to take decisions ***** resources are limited. We live in an age where selflessness can be rare. ***** ***** army is a serious affair and provides *****s and us a safe and fulfilling experience. Volunteers work against the flow to make a difference. It is little acts of kindness that offer hope and love ***** our daring soldiers.

Of ***** of ***** mentors I have had in my life, the one who had ***** biggest impact on me was one of my commanding officers in the Army. He recognized in ***** strengths and qualities ***** ***** didn't know or value myself, and *****n sought to develop them.

***** was a young (23 year-old) Infantry Officer in Vietnam and he was a 35 year-old career officer and West Point graduate who I was sure could walk on water. ***** taught me less*****s about how to work ***** people that have ********** useful all of my life."

Who Mentored You

When most of us picture life in the United States Army, we conceive of soldiers in camoufl*****, running through trenches in the midst of combat, or marching in formation, sounding off during training. Although facets of the program change, ***** primary function remains the same. Volunteers are given a s*****fe environment to build their own skills, both coordination and processing, as well ***** their artistic skills. It's an economical place to work and enjoy. Volunteers don't contribute ***** our civilized life. They ***** enlightenment at least the only part worth talking about. They are ***** only human beings on the face of this earth who meditate the nations compassion, unselfishness, caring, patience, need ***** just plain loving one another. Their appearance transform politics, religion, ethnic backgrounds, marital status, and sexism. Somehow, to imagine, they are the true faces of the *****.

Threshold Rehabilitation Services, Inc. strives to enhance the quality of ***** for individuals with disabilities by providing opportunities to ***** integration into ***** community. One way to help achieve that goal is to provide volunteer ***** to their clients. By participating in volunteer and ***** service


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