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Walt Disney Personality Analysis


***** the world over, Walt Disney remains a powerful force in the Disney empire today based on his pers*****ality that influenced "his" park in profound and lasting ways. Walt certainly had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve during his lifetime, but he also ***** a more en***** vision ***** how he wanted "his" ***** and company operated and managed after he was gone. While there have been a number of theories developed over the years to help explain and interpret individual personalities, two in particular, cognitive and behavioral, provide a useful framework ***** which to examine Walt Disney's personality to provide some insights into his motivations and behaviors that can help explain ***** and why the Disney Company is where it is *****. To this end, this study provides a review ***** ***** relevant peer-reviewed, scholarly and popular literature concerning ***** early life and important influences on him, an analysis of Disney's emergent personality from the perspectives of ***** and cognitive ********** of *****, followed by a summary of the research ***** ***** findings in ***** conclusion.

***** Disney according to Two Prevailing and Contrasting Personality Theories

Michael Jordan ***** Walt Disney share the distinction of being known all over the world ***** people who may not know any other Americans - or even any ***** Westerners. Walt *****'s ********** legacy can be found in his numerous theme parks in the United States, Europe Ch*****a and Japan, as well as the countless motion picture productions and branded merchandise that ***** been spawned ***** the years. More importantly, Disney's legacy also involves ***** significant ***** on American society itself in ways that ***** may not have intended, but ***** have nevertheless become the focus ***** an incre*****ing amount of critical attention in recent years. ***** gain some understanding of how this situation developed, ***** study provides a review of the relev*****nt peer*****reviewed, scholarly and ***** literature concerning Disney's early life and important influences on *****, an ***** of Disney's emergent personality from the perspectives of behavioral and cognitive theories of personality, followed by a summary of the research and relevant ***** in ***** conclusion

Review and Discussion

Brief Biography and Overview of Walt Disney.

***** Disney was a "middle child" of five siblings. According to Bryman (1994), "Walter Elias Disney was born in Chicago on 5 December 1901 ***** Elias and Flora Disney. Elias Disney, both before ***** after Walt's birth, ***** a seri*****lly unsuccessful bus*****essman who was continually seeking to improve his and ***** family's lot by moving on, both geographically and from business ***** business" (p. 4). Walt was the fourth son ***** five children (he was followed by the only daughter, Ruth, in 1903); Walt's closest sibling was Roy, ***** was the third child and was born in 1893 (Bryman). This biographer reports that, "Elias and Flora were unhappy about bringing Walt and the other ********** up in the disorder of a modern city, *****nd they moved in 1906 to


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