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Weber's Ideal Types

Max Weber's concept of the ideal types is a 'me*****sure' that he developed in order to aid sociologists like him study sociological phenomenon based on empirical data and evidence. The ***** of the ideal type, *****n, is to demonstrate in general and abstract terms experiences and phenomena that are specifically and concretely identified in the social environment of ***** individual. In effect, the ideal ***** ***** by Weber are h***** attempt to create a ***** and ***** concept from specific and concrete examples in real life. The ideal ***** acts as a "representative" from which a phenomenon or social scenario will be comp*****d ***** contr*****ted against. Four ideal types were generated from Weber's studies: (1) ***** zweckrational, ***** employs rational means to achieve rational results; (2) wertrational, employing rational ***** to arrive at ir***** results; (3) affektual or the employment of emotion; and (4) traditional or subsistence ***** custom ***** habit. The Gratz et. Al. vs. Bollinger et. al. case brings into fore a critical issue that can be applied to We*****r's ideal types. The University of Michigan's use ***** race as a "plus" indic*****tor for applicants, and its employment of s***** rule on both applicants Gratz and Hamacher, is an example ***** a ***** ***** type. ***** consideration of race as a qu*****lifier or an ideal type *****elf in the University's admission rules is a rational step in ***** to satisfy ***** achieve an irrational goal. The rule does not, as ***** Supreme Court decision elaborated, in ********** way ***** consideration of racial diversity except for the fact that the University admits individuals who belong to underrepresented minorities. This being the case, it is irrational that such rule should be employed, and included still after annual revisions ***** the University's ***** policies. This case serves as an example of how the wertrational ideal type is present in social phenomenon, and can provide reflections on how ***** and rules are crafted, applied, and critically analyzed in real life


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