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Weber's Ideal Types

***** Weber's concept of the ideal types is a 'measure' that he developed in order to aid sociologists like him study sociological phenomenon based on empirical data and evidence. The concept of ***** ideal type, then, is to demonstrate in general and abstract terms experiences and phenomena ***** are specifically and concretely identified in the social environment of ***** individual. In effect, the ideal ***** ***** by Weber ***** his attempt to create a ***** and abstract concept from specific and concrete examples in real life. The ideal type acts as a "representative" ***** which a phenomenon or social scenario will be compared and contrasted against. Four ideal *****s were generated from Weber's studies: (1) the zweckrational, which employs rational means to achieve rational results; (2) wertrational, employing rational means to arrive at irrational ***** (3) affektual or the employment of emotion; and (4) traditional or subsistence ***** custom and habit. ***** Gratz et. Al. vs. Bollinger et. al. case brings into fore a critic***** issue that can be applied to ***** ideal types. The University ***** Michigan's use of race as a "plus" indica*****r for applicants, and its employment of said rule on both applicants ***** and Hamacher, is an example of a wertrational ***** type. ***** consideration ***** race as a qu*****lifier or an ideal ***** itself in ***** University's admission *****s is a rational step in order to satisfy or ***** an irrational goal. The rule does not, as the Supreme Court decision elaborated, in ********** way ***** consideration of racial diversity except for the fact that the University admits individuals who *****long ***** underrepresented minorities. This being the case, it is irrational that such ***** should be employed, and included still after annual rev*****ions of the University's admission policies. This case serves as an example ***** how the ***** ***** type is present in ***** phenomenon, and can provide reflections on how ***** and rules are crafted, applied, and *****ally analyzed in real life


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