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A White Heron

White Heron - Sarah Orne Jewett

***** is a story with several important themes, and one of them is pastoral innocence coming into contact and ***** conflict ***** the loss ***** innocence in a modern, industrial world. The tone, ***** ***** character development in th***** story follows along ***** lines of what is known as American literary real*****m; indeed, realism is evident in a story when character is more critical to the ***** than plot or the actual action. Realism is a strategy ***** which ethical choices are at hand, ***** s*****ry line is plausible, and humans are placed in natural world settings.

In A White Heron, those elements are very much present. This is a story in which the ***** ***** th***** innocent girl is more important to *****e reader than the precise steps that are taken in the plot. This is a very intriguing and original tale about the innocence of a ***** who seems more like the creatures ***** the ***** world than she seems like young people her own age. The ***** embraces the changes ***** challenges facing a young girl ***** ***** is confronted with a potenti*****l loss of innocence.

Indeed, nine-year old Sylvia is the central character, the protagonist; she is a working class girl but *****s don't know exactly what city she lives near but it ***** in New England, near a manufactur*****g center. This c*****y near where she is living is an industrially focused metropol*****, and the shy ***** has somehow gr***** "afraid of folks" (598, Nor*****n *****nthology of American Literature), which when one thinks about it is not that unusual for a girl who "...feels as if she were a p*****rt of the gray shadows and moving leaves..."

Sylvia has been adopted by her gr*****mot*****, a widow, and lives in a t*****y house in the middle of a wooded **********. What readers ***** about Sylvia right away is that ***** loves th***** natural world setting ***** is not involved in any apparent stress or pressure. That wooded w*****ld where she daily ***** to hunt down her dairy cow is someth*****g of a met*****phor for a pastoral place beyond the boundary of the real and ugly world.

Jewett wr*****es (page 597, Norton) that Sylvia "...***** all ***** time t*****e was, ***** very little use to make of it." And so with all that time on her hands, it's reas*****able ***** expect an alert yet shy young girl ***** no playmates to become fascinated with birds and animals in the *****est. Sylvia's grandmother mentioned ***** Sylvia had a knack ***** "...straying about out-of-doors" and gr*****ma also believed that the "...***** ***** counts her one o' themselves" (599).

***** child could be considered a metaphor for innocence in the genre of realism. She could well be thought ***** as a symbol of what ***** world was ***** before industrialization, before wars, greed, lust for power and control of nature, and before the invention of weapons ***** kill. Her heart "beat fast


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