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WIC Program

WIC, Women, Infants, and Children program, a special supplemental nutrition program, provides nutritious foods, nutrition counseling, ***** referrals to health and other social services to participants at no charge. WIC serves low-income pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, and infants and children up to age 5 who are at nutrition risk.

***** is *****t an entitlement program; that *****, congress does not set aside funds to allow every eligible individual to participate in the program. Instead, WIC is a Federal Grant program for which Congress authorizes a specific *****mount of funding each year for program operations. The Food and Nutrition Services, which administers the program at the Federal level, ***** *****se ***** ***** WIC State *****ncies (State health departments or comparable agencies) to pay for WIC *****, nutrition ***** and education, and administrative costs.


WIC saves lives and improves the health of nutritionally at-risk women, infants and children. The results of studies conducted by FNS and other non-government entities prove that WIC is one of the nations most successful ***** cost-effective nutrition intervention programs. Since its beginning in 1974, ***** WIC ***** has earned the reputation of being one of the most successful Federally-funded ***** programs in the United **********. Collective findings ***** studies, reviews and reports demonstrate that the WIC Program is cost effective in protect*****g or improving the health/nutritional status of ***** women, ***** ***** *****. The following highlights some of the findings:

***** Birth Outcomes and Savings in Health Care Costs

Improved Diet and Diet-Related *****

***** Infant Feeding Practices

***** Rates and Regular Source of Medical Care

***** Cognitive Development

Improved Preconceptional Nutritional Status


This part announces regulations under which the Secretary of Agriculture shall carry out the Special Supplemental Nutrition ***** for *****, Infants and Children (WIC Program). Section 17 of the Child Nutrition Act of 1966, as amended, states in part that ***** ***** finds that substantial numbers of pregnant, post*****um and breastfeeding women, infants and young children from families with inadequate income are at ***** risk ***** respect ***** their physical and mental health ***** reason ***** inadequate nutrition or ***** care, ***** both. The purpose of the Program is to provide supplemental foods and nutrition education through payment of cash grants to State agencies which admin*****ter ***** Program ***** local agencies at no cost to ***** persons. The Program shall serve as an adjunct ***** good health ***** during critical times of growth *****d development, in order to prevent the occurrence of ***** problems, including drug and other harmful substance abuse, and to improve the health ***** of ********** *****. The program shall be supplementary to the Food Stamp *****; any program under which ***** are distributed to needy families in lieu of food stamps; and receipt ***** food or meals ***** soup kitchens, or shelters, or other f*****ms of emergency ***** assistance.


***** mission of WIC is to safeguard the health ***** low-***** women, *****, and children up to age 5 who are at *****al


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