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Women in Higher Education: Past and Present Barriers to Access, Causes, ***** Solutions


My research will focus on historical and present barriers to women's access to higher education. The thesis of my argument is that economic, social, and psychological barriers have historically existed for women wishing to pursue ***** education, and ***** many ***** these linger for women today, even if (supposedly) to a lesser extent. I may conclude based on exhaustive ***** and analysis combined, that discriminati***** against women in higher education did exist; does in fact continue to exist, and to a greater extent than might be recognized by higher ***** administrators, faculty; counselors, and others; ***** such discrimination has ********** ***** ********** to be detrimental, for women and for society as a whole: economically, socially and otherwise. ***** may also conclude that such ***** against women in terms of higher education *****, when practiced today, must be eliminated. Discrimination of this sort is illegal. Those colleges, universities, professional ***** graduate schools, and other institutions of ***** learning practicing it today are, and should increasingly be, subject to legal actions that are, in many such cases, now *****sufficiently ***** far too sporadically enforced. Therefore, I shall argue, in order to eradicate barriers to access to higher education for women, we must seek change in current attitudes and practices of institutions ***** higher education. I will provide suggestions and rationales for programs and practices within higher educational institutions, some of which are in effect *****day in some places, ***** as women's re-entry *****, counsel*****g ge*****d toward women students, and better access to financial, child care, and other assistance for today's female college, university, graduate school, ***** pr*****essional school *****, many of whom are older, more ethnically diverse, and more diverse in terms of background, learning ability, and other abilities than in the past.

***** intend to prove my *****sis by first exhaustively researching women's access ***** (or the lack thereof) higher educational opportunities, both past and in the present. By using references, ***** historical and current, including books; scholarly articles; magazine ***** government documents, and various ***** sources, I shall trace patterns of higher ***** discrimination, or limits to access, for women, and analyze key social, economic, and o*****r factors that have in the past contributed to limiting *****'s access, ***** that in many ways continue to do so. In order to overcome ***** barriers ***** women's higher education access once and for all, I ***** use ***** *****, combined with my own *****, to suggest that ***** attitudes about women, ***** ***** importance (***** necessity) of women's ***** education, and current beliefs about the economic and social ***** of higher education for women, by society and even among many ***** themselves, ***** ***** to reflect present-day realities.

I ***** use ***** sources to support and help prove the main ideas in my thesis, beginning with ***** works (for example, The Higher ***** ***** Women, 1866 (Davis 2003); Pioneers of Women's Education in the United States: Emma Willard,


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