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Work - Family Conflict

It has been the traditional division of labor between men and women that men would be ***** bread *****earners of family and that ***** would cater to managing the household responsibilities as wo***** have to take care ***** children. The work within the family was extended ***** decreased accordingly since it was an unpaid *****. But as developments took place women started to work outside their homes. As a result of both working parents the ***** and work conflict ***** to emerge. ***** a result the f*****milies of the present age are *****ing affected by several responsibilities of work, family and community on individuals.

***** conflict between work and family is due to the depression, stress and anxiety, which occur as a result ***** ***** divergent responsibilities. These divergent responsibilities make it extremely difficult in taking c***** of these *****. Developmental Psychologists and work-family sociologists have conducted research on the employment ***** men and women separately. Management scholars have dealt w*****h the study of outside employment on meeting family responsibilities. Several studies have been now conducted to study the influences of work on family ***** family on *****. These studies conduct research on the basis that ***** ability of a f*****mily or individual is related to the resources which they have ***** do not have at ***** disposal.

The individual, where the individual lives, wh***** values influence ***** individual are important factors, which promote towards the success or conflict in w*****k, family and ***** relationships. Research ***** been conducted in ***** field of ***** conflict for a number of years. Initially ***** on family and work were be*****g conducted as being two separate areas of *****. ***** later research has focused to be dealing with the interrelationship between ***** and ***** ***** ***** work and family. Based on quantitative survey research, ***** research aims to promote a relati*****ship between work, family and community Important *****orists in this area of study are Chow and Berheide who conducted their study in 1988, Voydanoff in 1988, Frone, Russell, and Cooper in 1992, Bronneberg ***** 1996, Hammer, Allen and Grigsby in 1997 and Frone, Yardley, and Markel in 1997. Based on quantitative studies theorists are of the op*****ion that ********** conflict arises ***** to specific historical circumstances. (********** Russell; Cooper, 1992).

***** these ***** circumstances are forged together ***** result in promoting work-family conflict. The historical circumstances would be in the nature ***** differences in culture, personal ***** at hand, difference in conditions and environment of work. (Frone; Yardley; Markel; 1997) Research ***** ***** the field of Work-Family ***** ***** brought out the underst*****ing that ***** ***** in the *****na of work-family as a ***** of job s*****tisfaction and had *****cluded part-time sample ***** huge quantity. A*****her ***** of research, which brought ab***** a new approach to ***** conflict, was the research, which ***** with the level to which work brought about conflict in the family. Much current research has been *****r*****g in the arena of *****-family conflict. (Kahn, Wolfe,


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