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Work - Family Conflict

It has been the traditional division of labor between men and wo***** that men *****uld be ***** bread -earners of family and that women would cater to managing the household responsibilities as women have to take care of children. The work within the family was extended and decreased accordingly since it was an unpaid labor. But as developments took place women started to work outside their homes. As a result of both working parents the family and work conflict ***** to emerge. ***** a ***** the families of ***** present age are being affected by several responsibilities of work, ***** and community on individuals.

***** conflict between work and family is due to the depression, stress and anxiety, which occur as a result ***** the divergent responsibilities. These ***** responsibilities m*****ke it extremely difficult in taking c***** of these *****. Developmental Psychologists and *****-***** sociologists ***** conducted research on the employment of men and women separately. Management scholars have dealt with ***** study of outside employment on meeting family responsibilities. Several studies have been now conducted to study the influences ***** work on family and family on *****. ***** ***** conduct research on the basis that the ability of a ***** or individual is related to the resources which they have ***** do not have at their d*****posal.

The individual, where the individual lives, what values influence the individual are important factors, which promote towards the success or ***** in work, family and community relationships. Research ***** ***** ***** in the field of work-family conflict for a number of years. Initially studies on family and work were be*****g conducted as being two separate ********** of *****. But later research has focused to be dealing with the interrelationship between ***** and work and ***** work and family. Based on quantitative survey research, ***** research aims ***** promote a relati*****ship between work, ***** and ***** Important theorists in this area of ***** are Chow and Berheide who conducted their study in 1988, Voydanoff in *****, Frone, Russell, and Cooper ***** 1992, Bronneberg in 1996, Hammer, Allen ***** Grigsby in 1997 and Frone, Yardley, and Markel in *****. Based on quantitative studies theorists are of the opinion that ***** conflict arises ***** to specific his*****rical circumstances. (Frone; Russell; Cooper, 1992).

When these historical circumstances are *****ged together they result in promoting *****-family conflict. The historical circumstances would be in the nature ***** differences in culture, personal resources at h*****, difference in conditions and environment of work. (***** Yardley; Markel; 1997) ***** ***** in the field ***** Work-Family ***** has brought out the underst**********g that ***** arises in the arena of work-family as a ***** of job s*****tisfaction and had included part-time sample of huge quantity. Another ***** ***** research, which brought ab***** a new approach to work-family conflict, was the research, which dealt with the level to which work brought about conflict in ***** family. Much current research ***** been *****ring in the arena of *****-family conflict. (Kahn, Wolfe,


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