How to Write an 'Animal Farm' Essay

How to Write an 'Animal Farm' Essay

An Animal Farm essay might require that the writer explore one of George Orwell's many areas of focus, such as the living conditions at the farm, the observations of one or more of the animals, the feeding of the animals, the working conditions of those who reside on the farm, etc..  Since Orwell's Animal Farm is a thinly-veiled reference to the condition of man, a student should make mention of how the conditions on the farm apply to the human condition.  An Animal Farm report should be a critical analysis of the book itself and the message contained within.

Many students find Animal Farm essays enjoyable to write.  Actual paper formatting requirements aside, Animal Farm essays allow students to reach a bit in their interpretation of the work.  Just like any report, an Animal Farm report should be well-written and follow the guidelines presented by the instructor, but, because the book is full of symbolism, many learners find exploring the possibilities of that symbolism exciting.  

An Animal Farm essay can be explored in many different ways.  Certainly, the book is an enjoyable and timeless story by a very talented author about the life of animals on a farm and how unfairly they are treated by those who run the farm.  Yet, on a deeper level, the story is an allegory depicting the communist capture of Russia in the early 1900's and how what were once idealistic creatures were transformed into perverted shells of their former selves.  And, on an even deeper level, Animal Farm is about how even the best intentions are subject to corruption.  (Indeed, absolute power corrupts absolutely.) The various levels at which Animal Farm can be read and explored are what make writing an Animal Farm essay so enjoyable.

Just like any report or academic paper, Animal Farm reports should be well-written, with a solid hypothesis and introduction, followed by a body which details the reasons for the thesis, and provide the reader with a solid conclusion that sums up the position of the writer and concludes the document.  It's important that students not allow their Animal Farm essays to become mere retellings or summaries of the story, but rather that they contain an actual analysis of Orwell's work.  With so many different levels on which to explore the story, students are sure to find writing an Animal Farm essay enjoyable yet challenging.

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