How to Write an Article Review: Tips from 2 Pros

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How to Write an Article Review: Tips from 2 Pros

Writing an article review essay, which is also sometimes referred to as an article critique, is a special type of writing that involves reading an article and then providing the reader with your personal take on its content.  If you are writing an article review for a class, you will likely have specific guidelines that you are expected to adhere to.  As such, you should make certain to follow the guidelines as provided by the instructor.

In general, article review reports should start with a heading that includes a citation of the sources that are being reviewed.  The first paragraph, which is the introduction to the article review, should provide a summary of the article highlights.  This summary should not provide every last detail about the article being reviewed.  Rather, it should only discuss the most important details.  If you find yourself carrying on or needing more than one paragraph to write your summary, you need to revisit the paragraph and find ways to trim down the length of your summary.

Following the brief summary of your article, you will then need to explain why the article is significant.  Questions you should ask yourself when writing these paragraphs include:

  • Does the article fill a void within the literature that already exists on the topic?
  • Does the article contain any information that would be considered "breakthrough" information?
  • Will the information contained within this article cause other people in the field to change their ideas about the subject matter or does it simply revisit information that is already known in the field?

In your final paragraphs, you will need to present your personal evaluation of the article.  Some questions you should ask yourself in order to come up with your personal evaluation include whether or not the article is well written and clear.  You should also consider whether or not any information was missing and if more research is needed on the topic.

If you are writing the article review for a class, the instructor may want you to connect the article to your real life experiences, as well.  For example, the instructor might want you to explain how the article can help you further your studies or be more successful in your career.  Or, the instructor may want you to connect the content of the article to information that you have been studying in your course.

As you write your article review, keep in mind that you are doing more than just a story review.  Rather than focus on telling what the article was about, your article review should reflect your personal opinions on the article as well as how it affects you or the field in which it was written.

After you have finished writing your article review, be sure to go back and re-read it a few days after it was written.  This way, you will be able to look at it with a fresh set of eyes and you may notice errors that you had not previously noticed.

Viewpoint of Author #2

Students will often have to read a research article in order to learn more about a particular topic that they are studying.  In addition to reading research articles, many learners will also have to write their own research articles in response to their research.  In order to write an effective research article, learners should understand the basic components of a well-written article.

While there are many different types of academic writing, articles are not frequently assigned.  Articles are often considered to be commercial works that are found in magazines and other sources.  Reports, research papers, and term papers are considered to be academic writing assignments.  

However, just because research articles may not be the most common of academic writing assignments does not mean that students should write them improperly.  In fact, many learners find that writing research articles is easier than writing other types of academic assignments.

The first thing that students need to do in order to write research articles is to understand that topic about which they need to write for the article.  Many students will receive specific topic assignments from their professors.  Students may also be able to select their own topic assignments for some courses.  

Once a student has a research article topic, the student needs to perform research.  Often, learners will need to read other research articles in order to properly research a topic.  However, some students may also have to perform experiments and conduct interviews.  Students will determine the research methods that are most appropriate for their topic and research article goals.  

Next, learners should draft an outline for the research article.  The outline will provide the basic structure for the article and is always a first step in the writing process.  With the outline reviewed and in place, learners can begin the first draft of the research article.  However, the first draft should often be revised many times before the final draft.  

While there are many differences between research articles and other types of academic writing assignments, one of the most important differences is that an article is often more relaxed than most academic writing assignments.  Therefore, learners can often relax the formality of their language in the article.  

Also, research articles should incorporate interviews and resources directly in the paragraphs of the article and should not cite the sources in the same way that they would with a formal academic writing assignment.  As a reference, learners can format their research articles based on the format of the research articles that they used for their own research.

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