Author Research Paper

Author Research Paper

Every year, thousands, perhaps millions, of English Literature students are faced with the same dilemma: how to write an author reference project.  Yet, writing author research papers is not nearly as daunting a task as it seems.  With a little elbow grease and a bit of perseverance, writing an author research paper can be a rather enjoyable process.

Yet, many learners have no idea exactly what an author research paper actually is.  Simply put, author research papers initiate investigation and discussion into various authors, author styles, and/or writing genres.  An author research paper assignment might require that the student research the life of a particular author, his or her writing style, and/or one or more other aspects of that individual author.  Yet another assignment might require that the student undertake such an investigation into the lives of several authors who share a common factor such as genre, writing style, or historical presence.  Regardless of the variations in assignments, the author research paper is a way to help students understand writing and literature by encouraging them to explore a particular author, or group of authors.

Other than the topic, author research papers are not much different from any other reference project.  The paper must have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.  Included in the introduction should be a well-thought-out thesis statement.  The thesis statement is the basis of every reference project.  The body paragraphs should support the thesis statement, and the conclusion should restate the thesis and pull all of the information together.  How much space should be allotted for each section of the report depends on the length of the assignment.  A one-page author report should devote one paragraph each to the introduction and the conclusion, a two-page report should devote two paragraphs each, and so on.  

Any difficulty in writing an author research paper comes from the actual requirements set forth by the instructor.  Certainly the least intensive author research paper is the straight autobiographical paper.  Students generally have very little difficulty finding enough references to put together a reasonable autobiographical author reference project.

More difficult to write is the author project that requires the student to delve into the style of one or more writers.  Writing about style, motivation, or intent is far more difficult than exploring the events of an author's life.  However, the course itself will generally provide the foundation for such a report before requiring students to present their own synopsis of an author's work.

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