Business Research Papers & Essays: Tips from 4 Experts

Business Research Papers & Essays: Tips from 4 Experts

A business research paper is an in-depth text that reports on scholarly opinions and ideas about a specific business-related concept.  Business research papers are frequently assigned in college-level business courses so that students will gain extensive knowledge of important business concepts as well as learn how to perform business-related research.  Business research papers are unlike other student articles a business student may have to compose because they focus not on the student's individual ideas, but on the student's analyses and interpretations of the ideas of scholars and professionals.

Business reports should be on a single, narrowly-defined business topic.  This topic must be narrowly-defined in order to allow for an in-depth analysis of that topic.  Therefore, learners should select a general area of business in which they are interested and then consider possible sub-categories of that area on which to write.  For instance, if a student were interested in writing on management practices, it would be best to write a business research paper not on a variety of management practices, but on one single theory or design regarding management practices.

The research required for a business research paper will differ from the research required for other college classes.  Students researching in business should focus on business databases and sources and should, if one is available, focus their research in a business library.  Furthermore, it is best for business research papers to rely on sources that are relatively recent, as business is a field in which much changes in a short period of time.  Therefore, learners should favor sources from the previous ten to fifteen years unless their document covers a historical scope requiring older data.

Business reports should be organized in a general-to-specific structure.  This means the first page or pages of the document should identify the topic, clearly explain and define that topic, and assert a thesis about the topic.  After all of this information has been clearly established, the student should proceed to cite and explain research studies that advance the thesis.  The body of the text should be centered in the research, but should present the student's analysis and interpretation of all research texts in such a way that there is more of the student's engagement with scholarly ideas than there is summary of those ideas.

A business report should conclude by suggesting what the body of research presented in the report indicates about the topic.

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A dissertation is, quite possibly, the most important academic project that any student will work on.  A business dissertation is no different.  The business dissertation marks the student's progress from student to scholar and asks the student to incorporate everything he or she has learned into one important paper.

Yet, business dissertations are more than just research papers.  Business dissertations are very large, very intensive research projects that are a lot like writing a book.  Many business dissertations are book-length and, depending on the quality of the work, might be published.  This makes the business dissertation much like a student's business card for his or her introduction into the business world.  Many students are asked about their document when applying for a position in the business world.  For these reasons, and many more, students are advised to work to present the best business dissertation possible.

The business dissertation is an independent project.  Although there is a great deal of guidance available for students, many learners fail to take advantage of all of their resources and therefore fail to keep up with the project.  Some students never complete their business reference project.  Others may take years to do so.  But, what should students do to stay on track?

Most experts insist that students work hand-in-hand with their advisors to complete their business dissertations.  An advisor is experienced in helping students select business dissertation topics, develop a writing strategy and schedule, and fine-tune their writing so that the student ultimately puts together the best business dissertation he or she is capable of writing.

Some students lag behind on their business dissertation because completing the report signals the end of their academic career and opens the door to the unknown.  Although, graduation is what the student has been working toward, the transition from student to career-minded individual can be very stressful for many pupils.  It's an exciting time, but an uncertain one, as well.

One of the most important aspects of business dissertation is something the student has probably already learned as a part of his or her studies: time management.  The student will likely be undertaking the writing of his or her business dissertation while continuing graduate coursework and perhaps while working a full or part-time job, as well.  The student has to therefore not only manage his or her time, but meetings with his or her advisor and the report committee.  

Writing a business dissertation is not an easy task, nor is it intended to be.  The student who draws on all of the resources available to him/her is the student who has the best chance of succeeding.

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A business report should present a well-developed, well-defended analysis of a narrowly defined business topic.  A business essay is not a business research paper, which requires the student to perform extensive research on a particular topic and report on his or her findings.  Business essays will likely incorporate some element of research, but are intended to present the ideas of the writer on the particular topic at hand.  To that end, business essays must present a thesis—a statement or group of statements asserting an argument or stance—and then defend that particular thesis using sound evidence.

A thesis should identify the writer's position on the topic and briefly describe the points that he or she will make in defending that position.  For instance, if the student wants to write about sustainability in business, a thesis topic might be as follows: "Business sustainability entails many aspects of a business, including the business' affect on the environment, the business' affect on its employees, and the business' ability to be financially profitable.  In order to fully address this holistic model of sustainability, businesses should have an internal sustainability committee to ensure that the various goals of sustainability are being achieved."  In this thesis, the argument is that "businesses should have an internal sustainability committee to ensure that the various goals of sustainability are being achieved."  The body of the document should follow the plan outlined in the thesis by articulating how an internal sustainability committee would operate, and why it would be an effective measure.  Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that defines the point being made, and then proceed to present examples of that point and how it supports the thesis.

Effective business essays will not simply employ evidence in support of the presented thesis, but will comment on that evidence in a critical way.  For instance, if the above report were to point to a study citing the efficacy of internal reviews of organizations, it would then explain how the study's findings might translate to the case of an internal sustainability committee, and how an internal sustainability committee might be similar to or different from the internal reviews presented in the study cited.

The conclusion of a business report should not simply summarize the body of the document, but should comment on how the point and evidence presented in the report further or bolster the position the writer has taken.  The conclusion may also point to areas that could be investigated or studies that could be done to advance the topic.

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A business term paper is a project that a learner will write as part of a business class or a business school program.  Students may be required to write many business reports over the course of business school or undergraduate study programs, especially if they are business pupils.

In order to write an effective business term paper, students need to decide on a topic for the document.  The student will dedicate a large amount of a semester towards studying a particular topic.  For this reason, many professors allow students to select their own topics for their business term papers so that students can study something that truly interests them.  

Once a student has decided on a business subject, the student should plan how he or she will conduct his or her research.  For example, if a student is writing a business term paper on the topic of Internet marketing, the learner will not only need to read literature on Internet marketing, but the student should also review statistics, trends, software, and may even wish to perform his or her own Internet marketing experiment, if the assignment allows for hands-on experimentation.  

When learners write business term papers, they need to be sure that they include a significant amount of information that is based on careful research.  Such articles are often large assignments that account for a huge percentage of a course grade.  Therefore, learners should take their business writing assignments very seriously.

In order to write an effective business term paper, learners should create an outline prior to actually beginning the writing.  The outline will provide an overview of information that students will contain.  The outline will also help to ensure that the flow of the project is intelligent.  After all, it is easier to modify an outline than an entire term paper if the flow and content is not quite right.

The actual format for the business term paper may depend on the student's research, especially if he or she performed an experiment as part of his or her research.  Every business report should include an introduction into the topic of the document.  The introduction should include background information about the topic, as well.  The introduction should have a thesis statement, which is a one-sentence statement that the learner will prove to be true throughout the document.

The body of the business report should contain details about the research that he or she performed.  If the student performed an experiment, the pupil can include those details in the body of the document, as well.  Business reports should also have a conclusion, in which the student ties together information that was contained in the body of the document and draws his or her own conclusions.  

A business term paper is different from a business report.  A business report is a common academic writing assignment that business students in graduate and undergraduate programs have to write in order to analyze the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a business or aspects of a business.  The business report is often a small one or two page document.  However, it can also be much larger.  

A business term paper, however, is a large body of work that a student creates throughout a semester.  The topic for the business term paper can have anything to do with business in general.  It may be centered on just one business or aspect of a business (such as in a business report), but it usually pulls together multiple ideas and themes.

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